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Family grinder

Family grinder
  • Family grinder
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Family grinder is mainly applied to corn, herbs, medicine, agriculture, food, chemical, metal, metallurgy, geology, research, and other units of small quantities of many varieties of traditional Chinese medicine, precious herbs, minerals, chemicals such as: gelatin, frankincense, astragalus, three seven, hippocampus, dodder, Ganoderma lucidum, licorice, pearls and other materials of different nature were well crushed. The machine uses high-speed single-phase motor, structural precision, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no dust, clean, simple operation, beautiful shape, with power and safety features, . All of those make medicines, food, and chemical production achieve the line of national standards.


1. For personal safety of users, the power supply must be grounded

2. Crushed material must be dry, not wet and fats processing medicine

3. More than halfofthe drugdo notcrush the Crushing groove capacity.

4. General medicine crushes just need half a minute, hard drugs crushes need a minute.

5. The machine can not be usedin continuous long time, each boot time should not exceed 5 minutes. If the number of processing more than used to do, thae machine should be spaced to use to prevent bearing overheating and damage the motor.

6. When the cover is open, do not start switch.

7. After long-term used, if brushes and blades badly worn , the they need replaced.

8. Always check the blade screws so as to tightened.

The price is 1700USD.