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Vertical wood powder machine

Vertical wood powder machine
  • Vertical wood powder machine
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The vertical wood powder machine from XinFei is a milled tooth roller. It belongs to the equipment of a dry-type superfine powder milling. It arises because our company combines advantages and disadvantages of home and foreign's verious equipments, and then makes by our research and innovation. The vertical wood powder machine sets centrifugal crushing, impact crushing, shear pulverization, impact crushing, pulverizing integrally. Using the theory of fluid mechanics, it can make wood chips, fiber, non-metallic mineral materials milled to 350 mesh. It has good performance, high efficiency, low wear, small footprint, easy to install, easy to operate, and other characteristics, good particle size index, and stable performance. It is widely used in conventional non-mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 6 superfine processing of non-flammable materials, especially for wood type, cassava bagasse, wheat bran, fiber and other fibrous materials superfine processing.


1. Compared with other roller under the same dynamic conditions mill production increased by 20% to 30%. The material of the grinding wheel pressure increase by 60% to 80% under the action of centrifugal force pressure. Its production increased by 150% to 300 % compared with the hammer mill.

2. Energy: under the same production and fineness index case conditions, The comsumption of wood crushing can save about 2/3 energy compared with Jet mill.

3. Good product fineness index: when crushing the type of wood type materials, most fine of up to 200-350 mesh.

4. Mounted grading impeller variable speed control, it is no need to stop to adjust the granularity of the product. And all of Powder can be recycled, it does not pollute the environment.

5. The machine has a cooling function, crushing in low temperature, especially suitable for processing heat-sensitive and fibrous materials, the particle size is Uniform.

6. Dust removal effect is entirely up to the national emission standards.

7. The polishing apparatus uses overlapping multi-stage seal, good sealing performance.

8. The wearing parts of crushing made of alloy wear-resistant materials and it can be used long time.

9. Stable mechanical properties, continue to work 24 hours.

The price is 19000USD.