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Quality wood grinder

Quality wood grinder
  • Quality wood grinder
Product code: 25586100001
Unit price: 2500 USD
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Bamboo dedicated Crusher Introduction:
Xin Fei dedicated crusher wood (wood mill) is an efficient ideal crushing equipment is dedicated to the production of bamboo powder before the procedure, convenient wood crusher operation, simple and quick tool change; turret optimal design, claw type tool can be dispersed by force, they have every piece knife and shear forces increase, suitable for crushing thick material, hard material block, expected first class, effectively raising the cutting force, reduce tool wear; with electronic control at full design, material head with double structure, filled with insulation materials, plastic crusher has a good safety and environmental protection, energy saving and durable.
Bamboo dedicated crusher Scope:
The device can be bamboo, bamboo, wood, branches and other raw materials once processed into wood chips, with less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic returns, easy maintenance, etc., it is the development of mushroom production or as particleboard, sawdust board high-density raw materials and special equipment.
Bamboo dedicated grinder Features:
1, the device is compact and reasonable structure, small size, low power consumption, high efficiency, smooth rotation, low noise
2, reliable seal, no dust pollution, self-cooling function is good, simple to install, easy to dismantle and easy to repair, replace damaged pieces convenience
3, installation and diverse, mobile installation
Wood grinder dedicated technical parameters:
Rotary blade diameter
300m / m
It can be specially customized according to customer demand; because of the nature of the material, the proportion of different fineness, while production also differ according to different fineness requirements, can choose different types of products.
Number of knife rotation
A fixed number of knife
Grinding capacity
300-500kg / h
Sieve aperture
¢ 8-12m / m
Knife shaft speed
512r / m
Motor Power
7.5kw / 11kw
Imported Size
600 * 250mm
1300 * 950 * 1500mm
NOTE: ** production capacity and the physical properties of the crushed material, feeding methods, feed particle size and composition of the working conditions and so on.

Our prices are per $ 2,500.