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Garlic oil

Garlic oil
  • Garlic oil
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Garlic oil garlicoil

English Name: Allitridi, Alliumsativum; Oils, garlic; Garlic PE;

Chinese alias:; garlic oil; garlic oil; Allicin; garlic extract; diallyl trisulfide;

CAS: 8008-99-9; 8000-78-0

Garlic oil is a pale yellow liquid with a strong garlic odor, insoluble in water, partially soluble in ethanol, although the main component of garlic oil in the case of sulfide compounds, but relatively stable chemical properties, in a non-acid environment can be resistant to 120 ℃ above the decomposition temperature and difficult, but if the long-term exposure to UV radiation can induce decomposition.

Its main ingredients content: diallyl disulfide and diallyl sulfide, with a total content ≥98%


1, with a volatile, with garlic and spicy aroma characteristic garlic flavor;

2, soluble in most fixed oils and mineral oils, not completely dissolved in ethanol, insoluble in water, insoluble in glycerol and propylene glycol;

3, relative density (25/25 ℃): 1.050 ~ 1.095;

4, the refractive index (20 ℃): 1.550 ~ 1.580.

Main functions:

1, broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, aquaculture, livestock and poultry animal disease nemesis;

2, active regulation of the immune system, increasing the number of macrophages and T cells, enhance phagocytosis.

3, to improve animal immunity, enhance disease resistance, and to promote animal growth;

4, good flavor flavoring function, safe and efficient attractant agents;

5, strong mildew antioxidant, protective agent feed nutrients;

6, has a good detoxification function, can inhibit the toxic yellow Aspergillus toxins, remove heavy metal ions;

7, to improve livestock products, aquatic products succulent flavor, increase product selling point.

Storage: sealed, cool and dry place, sunscreen, anti-evaporation.

Packing: 230kg / barrel

Shelf life: 1 year


1, it can not be mixed with alkaline material set.

2, phosphate-free fish with caution.