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Spot wholesale Starbucks style explosion models | Original authentic | 304 Stainless Steel | Couples coffee readily cup

Spot wholesale Starbucks style explosion models | Original authentic | 304 Stainless Steel | Couples coffee readily cup
  • Spot wholesale Starbucks style explosion models | Original authentic | 304 Stainless Steel | Couples coffee readily cup
Product code: 25579100001
Unit price: 12.5-12.8 CNY
Reference price: 1.82-1.86 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Suggested retail price ¥68.00 Brand OEM Material stainless steel
Num. Show 33 Place of origin Dehua grade A
style Starbucks Printed LOGO can capacity 401-500ml
Application areas Office, home, bar, restaurant, automotive, outdoor use, lounges, cafes, restaurants pattern photo weight 242g
Trading properties Domestic package Tray Time to market 2015
Packing single Price segment 10-20 yuan Dimensions (height, diameter) Height of about: 17.2cm
Custom support It is Is there a patent Have Patent type Design patents
Patent No ZL201330602924.5 Colour Customer settings
The following text, images, is Fen Di Yongkang household goods factory owned copyright, tort reserved.
product description
    • product information
    • Cup pot Num. : Abn-105
      Cup pot capacity : 420ml
      Cup pot Material : The steel outer plastic shell AS, liner, stainless steel
      MOQ : 500
      Cup packing : Universal Folding
      Cup pot Weight : 245g
      Cup height : 17.2cm
      Cup diameter : 8cm
      Package Size : 8.8*8.8*18.8
      Qty : 50
      Carton size : 46*46*40
      Carton Weight : 16kg
      Whether custom processing : 500 or more
      Whether printed logo : can
      Other Help : 500 or less, plus printing costs 400 yuan
Product real shot chart
The above is a real shot pictures, because the factory custom manufacturing, colors and patterns may have different samples, hair samples when we are random hair, things are the same, please understand
Most mug product detail view
Fendi is not only to do is mug is quality, trust
We pay attention to every detail, so that customers purchase to the satisfaction of products
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Most cases show that we have done in the past, so that customers know us better, we can refer to the product done enrich your customization options

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A variety of patented products, please contact our customer service consulting, custom patented products, products into the market in order to avoid the risk of a legal infringement, patent product, is your best choice
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Universal box with high-grade kraft paper, simple design, show your quality is the best choice for a small customer, for white box, please contact our customer instructions
Company Profile
Yongkang Fendi household goods factory is a collection development, manufacturing, marketing, as one of the cup pot production enterprises. The company has export permission, products exported to Europe and the Middle East, with high-quality products, excellent service system, fast delivery capabilities by domestic and foreign customers. Our company mainly produces all kinds mug, plastic cups, pots and other high-end gift cup, and the products are fashionable and well-produced, complete specifications and reasonable price. Far Industry and Trade has a professional and efficient R & D team, according to information provided by the customer styles in a short time made a mold and put into production, can also be tailored according to customer requirements cup pot products, customers can also authorized OEM printing products LOGO. meet a variety of customer needs, We uphold the customer-oriented business philosophy to high-quality products and sincere service and look forward to your visit! We welcome domestic and overseas calls to discuss the order.
Tel: 0579-85128391
Fax: 0579-85128931
Phone number: 13735737961 (Leung)
Online QQ: 61761654
E-mail advice: 61761654@qq.com
Postal Code: 322307
Address: China Zhejiang Yongkang Gushan Industrial Zone, Gushan Town

Product raw materials used in the production of new materials, general food-grade testing, allows customers to purchase products of acceptable quality, reliable materials, make conscience products
Cup printing process
Fendi Cup generic industry advertising cup printing process: 1: Laser Marking (lettering), this process is generally used in the stainless steel mug, copywriting advantage engraved pattern will not fall, the disadvantage, a single color.
2: screen printing, this process can be applied on a plastic cup, mug, general print this LOGO, can only be the same color, you do not have a gradient of LOGO, sometimes you can do multi-color, chromatic relatively speaking, sometimes batch India will generate an error, advantages, you can choose a colorful one color to do, it is a common advertising cup printing process low platemaking costs, shortcomings, multi-color LOGO, printing can not.
3: heat transfer, gradient color can be printed text and images, the best program of colorful, advantages, multi-color printing LOGO shortcomings, the plate costs high, tens of thousands of customers can refer to.
4: clip cardboard, with double Cup advertising, the outer layer of transparent material, can be used to clip the jam way to print customer advertising, the advantages of four-color printing presses, enough ordinary people naked eye can see color, color advertisement paper design in general can print out the shortcomings, some products can not be colored by this process.

Using a variety of printing, for the different requirements of customers, there are different options, if you do not know. What kind of a good way of printing, please communicate with our customer service
Purchase Notes
  • Genuine manufacturers supply

    We are one of the manufacturers cup production and sales, please customers do not ask that we are not the factory, we provide products to the quality of the premise, the price may be some customers say the high point, but our quality control system here, or down, we will certainly drop, so that customers get the most affordable price sources! inferior race, but we will not rush good, material-what is Shiyao, if that way to reduce the price, so we will not do alone, So please understand our rules.

  • About custom

    1: The customer after seeing our products, you can contact us to get sample (sample new customers are generally 50 yuan a client reaches a certain level of cooperation may be exempted from the sample charge), postage to pay, to close within a month under a single sample Customers, sample fee refundable.

    2: Customer satisfaction after seeing the sample, please contact our customer service staff, signed a contract to play 30% advance payment, we produce.

    3: We produce the contractual period is completed, we notify the customer to inspection, customers can own to plant acceptance, third parties can also be arranged to plant acceptance, if not easy, we can help customers to beat a large cargo photos Customer acknowledges that customer confirmed after completion of the payment kick hundred parts of the seventy, we deliver

  • About Color

    We offer products on the website, are the physical map, but because of a problem to take pictures of the camera and display, the color may be different, if the customer orders, we proposed to provide color card number to us, we will be in accordance with customer color card printing For some spot wholesale customers, we recommend acquire a sample, making the bulk goods, so as not to reach the color you asked

  • About Customer Service

    Customer may sometimes busy, sometimes went to talk shop goods, so sometimes one may not respond promptly to customer, if an urgent need to understand the situation, we recommend consulting can contact by phone.

    phone: 0579-85128391

    Manager Mobile: 13735737961 (Leung)

    Online QQ: 61761654

    E-mail: 61761654@qq.com

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    Our general production according to customer requirements, provide prenatal sample, sample contracts are by production, so do not worry about shoddy problem, the business is long-term, we do not want our customers satisfied, as long as there are quality problems, please contact We communicate, we deal with the customer satisfaction!

  • About shipping

    Samples sent ships to go SF to pay the freight

    Large customers we can take Germany to help, Monkey, Ren, also can help customers find the point of logistics, there are some customers may want to find the cheaper manufacturers logistics better, this general we are sent directly to the logistics park, so you can find cheaper we will certainly help customers save, but we do not recommend walking small stream, the first one is temporal, the second is security, we recommend to go Germany to help logistics, although the price is high, but the installation of the service general logistics company than not, please ask your customers under a single request, be distributed better when we shipped!

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  • Our products many styles, different styles unit price and production cycles are slightly different; this website pictures and the proportion of the price only for reference, all are real kind based, if the subject of the above unit price may appear errors beg to be excused!