Starbucks starbucks cup | authentic traveling ounce cup ta | mugs | cups | steel outer plastic cup

Starbucks starbucks cup | authentic traveling ounce cup ta | mugs | cups | steel outer plastic cup

Product description:

Item: Customer Showcase 4 Category: Coffee Brand: AOBONA
Material: Stainless steel Style: Starbucks Occasions for gifts: Fair
Origin: Yongkang Time to market: 2011 Shape: cylindrical
Function: Insulation Structure: double Price group: 10-20 yuan
Is there a patent: Yes Capacity: 401-500ml


1: When the lid open with a small mouth to drink water, the water temperature is not too high, so as not to burn

2: before using clean cups, but preferably not the whole cup submerged in water

3: Do not wash the cup with a hard clean ball clean, so as not to scratch the surface, affecting the appearance

4: Avoid dropping or strong impact collision, will cause the cup body deformed, broken affect product efficacy.

5: Do not join the cup is easy to produce carbonated drinks and other high-pressure liquid, do not add soy sauce, soup and other liquids containing salt ingredient to avoid cup mentioning corrosion

6: When cleaning with a mild detergent in warm water to clean, do not use alkaline bleach chemical rags and other cleaning agents

7: After loading milk and other perishable beverages, please drink and wash as soon as possible in order to avoid deterioration of decay but within

8: To prevent the generation of odor or stains, clean after use a clean and sufficiently dried

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