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Ao Bona selling brand cups, promotional cups, gifts advertising cup, PC plastic cups with water leak Tisheng

Ao Bona selling brand cups, promotional cups, gifts advertising cup, PC plastic cups with water leak Tisheng
  • Ao Bona selling brand cups, promotional cups, gifts advertising cup, PC plastic cups with water leak Tisheng
Product code: 25577000001
Unit price: 8-9.5 CNY
Reference price: 1.17-1.39 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Item No: abn101 Product categories: readily Cup Brand: Ao Bona
material: plastic For people: Lovers Style: Simple
Occasions for gifts: Advertising promotions Origin: Yongkang Time to market: 2013 summer
Shape: Round Function: high temperature Structure: double
Price segments: $ 5-10 Is there a patent: Yes Suitable for: coffee
Packing: box Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can
Trading properties: Domestic pattern: plain Color: red, yellow, sky blue, dark blue
Capacity: 401-500ml
Far Yongkang Industry and Trade Co Ltd, mug custom, cup wholesale, custom cups, plastic cups wholesale, Starbucks cups, advertising cup, gift cup, mug, space cup, sports pot, travel pot, cup, Bachelor Cup, Cup cars, vacuum flask, stainless steel cups, purple cup, office cup, the company set research and development, manufacturing, marketing, as one of the cup pot production enterprises. The company has export permission, products exported to Europe and the Middle East, with a high cost-effective products, excellent service system, efficient delivery capabilities by domestic and foreign customers. Our company mainly produces all kinds mug, plastic cups, pots and other high-end gift cup, and the products are fashionable and well-produced, complete specifications and price Reasonable Far Industry and Trade has a professional and efficient R & D team, according to information provided by the customer styles in a short time made a mold and put into production, it can also be tailored according to customer requirements cup pot products, customers can also OEM licensing printing products LOGO. meet a variety of customer needs, we uphold the customer-oriented business philosophy to high-quality products and sincere service and look forward to your visit! We welcome domestic and overseas calls to discuss the order.
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Spot wholesale Ao Bona accompanied Cup

Cup pot coding: ABN-101
Brand: Aobona Ao Bona (customizable)
Cup pot Color: 3000 can be customized
Material: PC
Occasion: Business Advertising Cup
Cup pot height: 18cm
Cup diameter: 6.5cm
Bottom of the cup diameter: 6.3cm
Cup pot Packaging: General box
QTY: 50cps
Box Size: 18.8cm * 8.6cm * 8.6cm
Carton size: 46cm * 46cm * 40cm
Product Features: Good cup fashion, lines visual sense

Tips: Due to different measurement methods, you receive the cup on the table scale and there may be a slight error, not a quality problem, please understand

dark blue
shallow blue
Four-color selectable
Hand Tisheng design
Leakproof seal
Slip design

Thermal transfer process
Laser Marking Technology
Custom printed LOGO word problems related to aspects of the text, please contact our customer service staff in order to provide you with the best solution

About hair samples:
Question: There are customers ask, I fancy a cup of your plant, but the Internet can only see the outline of the picture, I want to actually look at the quality you could get a cup?

Answer: This is possible, if required sample cup, please contact our customer service on the line, but the country is our factory every day, many sample cups made out of, so from the beginning of July 2012, each charge customers a sample cup lowest 50 yuan (RMB), the company also provides after sample cup is the customer can order refundable fee!

(Hint: Some customers would say fifty yuan is too high, we have not NA me high unit price, please note that we are factory production, is the custom, rather than retail prices, we do not do retail customers, so it Please have the mentality of retail customers avoid us)

About Proofing:

Proofing is divided into pre-proofing and cups proofing.

If the cup proofing, proofing refers not signed a single contract before this is based on customer requirements proofing fight, different cups, technology is different, so the offer is different, this is the next single proofing fee refundable.

There is also a client (typically worked with clients go process), is signed a production contract, pre-paid deposit large cargo, so we are free proofing, so please make clear the details of our customers, to facilitate cost save!

About mold:

Some customers choose the cup because of different, so there may be mold, general plastic cup mold our side in about 20 days, stainless steel cups 15 days, also depends on the actual time of the custom mold arrangement, there may be faster, There may be slow, detailed consult us!

Mold most of us are under consideration for the customer, because we have hundreds of cups of plant parts, if open mode can be used on a particular detail on our common member of the existing plant, we try to save customers given unpaid available to customers on the basis of cost.

About ordering process:

Ask us for a sample cup, confirm the quality, the next single, and we signed a contract to pay the production of custom, pre-proofing, confirmed samples, producing goods, the goods produced, the customer sent the acceptance (or we offer a large cargo Photo) no doubt proposed, payment, according to the address on the contract we find the relevant flow rate issue.

About deposit:

A security deposit is a contract out on both sides in the interests of the rules, the factory is now 100 per thirty prenatal, large parts of the goods manufactured before hundred seventy!

About spot wholesale

Some of our factory production cup is long, so the stock, not the amount of the order to facilitate customer choice, if needed, please contact our customer service staff, when will you send the sample cup pictures for your reference

About Packaging

Usually our factory before delivery are common packing, white box and box, make a small number of customers

About gift certificates

There are customers reflect their gift cup sent to the customer hands, the customer does not appreciate them also as 'three non-product' gift to the Industry and Commerce Report it!

A: Because now used as business gifts, Trade and Industry Bureau requires product certification, we can provide free of charge to customers, under a single product before told us, in order to ensure your rights and interests of customers, we will remind you in which you go about this a!

Contact Customer Service Please use the Want Want, QQ (61761654), Tel: 0579-85128760 Manager Mobile: 13757923195, etc. Several contact, look with a customer service consulting, you can get more professional service due to the large amount of consultation, Want usually ringing off the hook in state! If you did not receive a reply for a long time, you can call our manager telephone consultation, so as not to bear false your valuable time.
Odor problems Cup emitted directly from the factory, produced immediate packaging, it is inevitable that some odor, which is a normal phenomenon. Recommend open several days, the smell will disappear. The factory production of cups are edible raw materials, ease of use.
Size matters For the convenience of customers to better understand the products, we provide a measuring cup in kind, but because methods may be because the question everyone intuitively degrees different points, so all is about, ask the customer to understand
Color issues We Ali merchandise photos are taken in kind, as far as possible consistent with the physical, but due to filming techniques / ambient light / display color and other reasons, may result in pictures have a slight color difference, please please kind colors eventually prevail
About hair samples On hair samples, we all need to charge the sample fee, the next single refund, 50 yuan each, the courier if SF can to the place, we have issued to SF postage to pay!
The following questions can be exchanged, a specific agreement in the table below, please read before buying buyer Once purchased, show recognition of this convention:
Reason returned Quality issues Sent the wrong goods
premise Human damage It does not affect the secondary sales
Can replacement can can
Could Return can can
Effective time 3 days of receipt 3 days of receipt
Evidence to be submitted We need to take pictures We need to take pictures
Shipment Sellers bear Sellers bear
If problems occur, please contact our customer service staff, we will deal with the customer satisfied

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This product is factory production order, a large quantity, please. Confirm within one hour after receiving the shot good, to prevent malicious beat purchase, we only considered valid orders, inconvenience, please understand!