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Community SMS bulk equipment

Community SMS bulk equipment
  • Community SMS bulk equipment
  • Community SMS bulk equipment
  • Community SMS bulk equipment
  • Community SMS bulk equipment
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2014 Latest perfect version

50W high power, 30W of the old spike, super-fast. With 360 proof

Intercept phone control function. The latest 2014 software system, because

Mobile network upgrade, the old models can not be many places began to be issued

Slow. Our latest system solves the problem of network upgrades, speed is not


And the latest software systems to prevent information being shielded smartphone.

The most affordable price to sell the strongest performance of the product. You must choose us

Do not regret!!


1. Timeliness: If your company in the business district, and just your potential customers just go in the district, he'll receive your company's promotional information, then he is likely to be very timely to your company to the consumer, by the prospective customers into your real customers.

2. Precise positioning: customer orientation may be determined in accordance with the target range of information dissemination and personalized manner of publication, so that the target audience through the dissemination of information, become more Focus feature, higher accuracy mobile media.

3. Place more flexible: the user can target user base, release time, release location, release quantity, publish content, release form, and many other parameters of flexibility and autonomy to choose the combination that put more expressive.

4. Reach higher: The system accurately identifies the user according to the set standards, can be set to receive the message will not be sent within 24 hours to avoid giving the feeling harassed.

First, the machine supporting:

Host * 1, Lenovo notebook * 1 * 1 test phone, radio antenna * 2 (one long, one short), car power inverter * 1

Second, the product description:

1) dual-network transmission support Mobile, China Unicom.

2) power up to 50W, while a large range increase, within a distance of 500 meters send -2 km.

3) Independent chip, high performance intelligent operation, dual-core processor, real hair speeds up 20000-50000 / hour, sent faster.

4) multi-task simultaneous transmission, it can send several different aspects of advertising at the same time.

5) The need to know the potential customer's mobile phone number.

6) number can be arbitrarily set by themselves 10-16 bits, and convenient.

7) The content can enter 255 words.

8) You can enter more than one frequency, multi-port sent.

9) You can export text messages IMEI code successfully sent, facilitate the statistics.

10) purchase a lifetime use, send no limit, no additional cost.

Third, the master image:

Brushed aluminum enclosure.

Fourth, host configuration:

High grade SSRP7.2 motherboard, 50-watt power amplifier module dedicated diplexer Dian Dian large aluminum radiator and efficient 200W switching power supply Dian Dian Dian power protection board automatic temperature control circuit interference circuit Dian Dian Dian brushed aluminum dual fan cooling alloy outside the box.

Fifth, use:

1. Enter the display number (10-16 bit arbitrarily set)

2. Enter the business name

3. Enter the content (255 characters or less)

4. Click the Add

5. Enter the frequency (fillable 1-5)

6. Click Open

7. The maximum pulling power

8. To check what is being sent

9. Click Start to send

Sixth, the frequency modification:

1. Click on Close

2. Enter the frequency

3. Click Open

4. Check to what is being sent

5. Start automatically sent

Seven professional measurement band mobile phone, radio frequency short antenna, long stainless steel antenna RF

image: (Ancillary products supplied)

Eight, vehicle power: 12V vehicle use can turn 220, 500-watt inverter

Devices can be in-line car cigarette lighter (ancillary products supplied)

Nine, if long-term use is recommended with a car:

12V 100 safety or security of the storage battery 200, sailing brand or Camel brand to be equipped with a storage battery charger. (Need not included)

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