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China Petrochemical SBR SBS4303

China Petrochemical SBR SBS4303
  • China Petrochemical SBR SBS4303
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Beijing Yanshan Xin Tin Chak Chemical Co., Ltd. is a petrochemical product distribution companies, was founded in 2003 specializing in petrochemical products, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other synthetic resins. Butyl rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, synthetic rubber, styrene-butadiene thermoplastic elastomer products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, industrial and other businesses have been covering the north, east and other major areas of the plastics industry, the establishment of good relations of cooperation in the petroleum, petrochemical, and other large-scale petrochemical enterprises.
In order to give our customers to provide better quality, efficient service, the company vigorously strengthen the training of staff expertise and service skills. Beijing Yanshan Xin Tin Chak Chemical Co., leaders and employees unswervingly uphold the integrity, diligence, innovation, win-win, humane values, the work of the spirit of honest and trustworthy, good superb professional and technical services with customers to establish a good relationship of mutual cooperation, we sincerely hope that our customers and we work together to create brilliant. Beijing Yanshan Xin Tin Chak mainly engaged in chemical products; Yanshan Petrochemical 1C7A, 1I2A-1, 1I60A, LD100-AC, LD450, LD605, LD607, LD608, 3000JE, 5200B, L501, 6100M, 7600M, 2300XM, LD100BW, K1008, K8303, T1701 , K7726H, K9026, K9016, K7760, B8101, B4908, B4808, C4220, K4912, POF, F5006, F5606, CPP, C5908, C5608, SBS4452, SBS4303, BR9000, ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer, EVA14-2, EVA18J3, EVA19F16, fully refined paraffin wax, semi-refined paraffin wax, paraffin wax, Daqing Petrochemical, 18D, 18D0, 5000S, 7042, 2426H, 2426K, T30S, 7047, Daqing Petrochemical, 550J, V30G, PPB4228, PA14D, EPS30R, Lanzhou Petrochemical, 1810D , 2426K, 5000S, 60550, 7042N, Qilu Petrochemical, 2102TN00, TN26, SP179, EPS30R, 2480H, 6098, Yamba petrochemical, 1810D, EVA, V4110F, V4110J, V5110J, 6110M, Dushanzi Petrochemical, 8920, 8008, 5502, 5420, T60-800, 7042, S1003, K8003, GPPS-500, SBS-T6302, Fushun Petrochemical, 2911, Z30S, 7042N, Jilin Petrochemical, 9455F, 7042, Panjin Ethylene, 825, 4803T, 4902T, 5070, F401, T30S , J340, P340A, PS525, ABS-CH510, SP179, Shanghai Petrochemical, M250E, M800E, Tianjin sand, 548R, 222WT, 218TN, 66M10T, 64M40T, 5502XA, T60-800, PN049, EP200K, EP300H, K44, Shenhua, 8007, L5E89, Elsevier open, SKG-118, Fujian Xing Fang, 635, Jiangsu Leiden, GPPS525, Ningbo Formosa Chemicals, 5250, ABS-AG15E1, Secco, 5301AA, 5420AA, 0209KJ, 0209aa, 123P, 232, 251P, Zhenjiang Chi Mei, PG22, PG33, PG-383, ABS, PA-707K, PA-757K, Tianjin any Thai 133C, 182, Iran's petrochemical, EX57000F, I3, Exxon, 1002YB, 1001KW, 1002KW, 201KW, Malaysia, 200GG, 801YY, South Korea LG, M1600, BE0400, LB7500, FB0300, South Korea SK, 8800, DX-800, Hyosung, J340, HB240P, R200P, Qatar, MG70, FD0274, FB3003, ED0170