Luxury room door locks copper | European minimalist interior door locks | locks noble villas

Luxury room door locks copper | European minimalist interior door locks | locks noble villas

Product description:

Brand: Hoh Custom processing: Model: LT2341-20
Material: Copper Type: Handle Lock Scope: interior door lock door lock Villas
Adaptation door thickness: 35-55mm Lock margin: 50mm Center distance: 58mm
  • Brand: Hoh

  • Model: LT2341-20

  • Handle Material: Copper

  • Bolt Material: Copper

  • Cylinder Material: Copper

  • Adaptation door thickness: 35-45MM 45-55mm

  • Function: interior door lock door lock Other

  • Center distance: 58mm

  • Lock margin: 50mm

  • Panel Material: Copper

  • Color finishes: bright golden yellow bronze

  • Marbles Material: Copper marbles

  • Latch type: double latch (square oblique tongue + tongue)

  • Opening direction: left and right inside the left and right outer outer

  • Whether with a key: with key

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