Solar laminator special silicon sheet

Solar laminator special silicon sheet

Product description:

Solar laminating machine for high resistance to tear silicone plate silicone plate using high-quality raw materials of world-renowned brands, the use of advanced technology and special equipment research and development, product stability, reliability, widely used in vacuum laminating machine, CCL vacuum laminator, solar laminating machine, electronic discharge machine and other solar laminator special silicon sheet typical technical performance indicators are as follows:

model The first generation The second generation Third Generation Fourth Generation
Hardness (Shore A) 70±272±265±3 75-78 (Face)

60-65 (the faces)
Tensile strength (Mpa) 11.514.216.810.8

Tear strength (N / mm) 45473948

Temperature resistance ℃ 220240180250

Resistant EVA (Comparative) weak in Strong Strong

Normal life (times) ) 2000) 3000) 4000) 5000

Appearance and color A transparent light a wool / double light Red, light gray double A light a black wool / double light Black, light gray double


(Maximum width of up to 4000mm without seam, as the world's first appearance (color) and transparent, colored company also offers a variety of miscellaneous pieces of silicone and silicone cloth products, high temperature silicone conveyor belt product certification:. ISO9001-2000)

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