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Hazel Lee baby indoor hygrometer household thermometer hygrometer table precision battery-free precision 'blue'

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: GEMlead / Hazel
  • Model: TH101B
  • Item: TH101B

Thermometer for the mechanical thermometer placed in an environment within a few minutes after the automatic sensor will not need to adjust the battery-free environmentally friendly and durable

Tips ~!

(10 million to receive the goods to open sealed packaging, air-sealed packaging, the value will be some differences, and then placed 1-2 hours indoors can be normal measurement of temperature and humidity!)

The use of thermometer errors (thermometer can not display the air-conditioning temperature as a reference because the display shows the temperature of the outlet when the heating / cooling air to the room when the temperature is not so high / low also affected by the outdoor)

Brand: GEMlead / Hazel

Model: TH101B indoor temperature hygrometer (blue box)

Size: diameter 12.9CM * thickness of 2.8CM

Weight: 0.2KG / a

The Relationship Between Daily Life and Temperature and Humidity

When the indoor environment:

Temperature 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, relative humidity of 40 to 70%, the human body feel comfortable

Temperature of 24 to 30 degrees Celsius, relatively less than 60%, the human body feel hot and not boring

Temperature higher than 30 degrees Celsius, humidity greater than 70%, the body feels hot

Temperature is higher than 36 degrees Celsius, humidity greater than 80%, the body feels hot unbearable, sweating mechanism blocked, easy heat stroke.

Scope of application:

Can be widely used to measure the room, office, workshop, laboratories, schools, shopping malls, warehouses and other environmental temperature and humidity.

Product parameters:

Temperature range: -30 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius

Temperature error: plus or minus 1 degree Celsius (error range is 2 degrees Celsius)

Humidity error: plus or minus 5% (error range is within 10%)

Under normal circumstances, the same temperature, humidity deviation is normal , You buy a hundred thermometers and certainly there are several differences in temperature and humidity, the bumpy road back and forth with your local temperature and humidity differences, I believe we can understand the receipt of the goods when a little beat by hand, or with a small Bowl of hot water smoked will adjust back to normal.

common problem:

1, the new need to adjust the temperature and humidity to buy it?

* This product is strictly adjusted at the factory are accurate, under normal circumstances do not need to adjust to normal use, but there may be due to transport vibration reasons, so that readings deviation, if the display readings are in doubt, Value within the scope of the error is greater than the technical indicators, can be observed in the absence of small environmental control reference (about 30 minutes later, the more accurate the longer), confirmed after adjustment.

2, how to adjust the hygrometer (table)?
* Cover a wet towel on the back of the hygrometer or wrap it for about 30 minutes, and the hygrometer should show a humidity reading of 95% RH. If the pointer does not point to 95% RH, use a size appropriate font Screwdriver, adjust the humidity adjustment hole on the back to the left and right until the pointer points to 95% RH.

3, how to adjust the thermometer (table)?
* Use an accurate thermometer as a reference, with a suitable size of a screwdriver, in the back of the corresponding temperature adjustment hole to adjust the left and right rotation to adjust the pointer to the same point so far.

4, the use of temperature hygrometer process should pay attention to what things?

* The hygrometer should be mounted in a well-ventilated place to avoid hanging in the direct sunlight on the wall, air-conditioning outlet and other places.
* The hygrometer should not be installed in corrosive gas environment.

5, pointer-type hygrometer temperature measurement principle?

Pointer thermometer is the use of two different metal temperature changes in the expansion of the principle of different work.The main component is a two or more pieces of metal laminated together laminated metal pieces.In order to improve the sensitivity of temperature measurement , The metal sheet is usually formed into a spiral coil shape.When the temperature of the multi-layer metal sheet is changed, the expansion or contraction of the metal layers is not equal so that the spiral coil is rolled up or loosened.As one end of the spiral coil is fixed, A freely rotatable pointer is connected so that when the bimetal senses a temperature change, the pointer can indicate the temperature on a circular graduation scale.