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EL-2026A Household Steam Iron | Hand Held Mini Electric Iron

EL-2026A Household Steam Iron | Hand Held Mini Electric Iron
Product code: 25560200030
Unit price 4.78-6.38$
Sold quantity 171970
Available stock 21433

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Heart to Heart EL-2026A
  • Electric irons Brand: Heart to Heart
  • Model: EL-2026A
  • Iron soleplate material: Teflon non-stick floor
  • Electric iron maximum power: 1000W (inclusive) -1999W (included)
  • Iron stalls selection: 3 block above
  • Color Classification: Purple light green ceramic bottom plate
  • Whether mini: non-mini
  • Thermostat: mechanical thermostat
  • Iron Type: corded iron

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4. There is no nano-smooth non-stick floor

5. Can, hanging hot, flat hot,

6. The host has no automatic constant temperature anti-dry function

7. There are installed water outlet fitted with water lid, a cover can prevent the use of water overflow process (this feature does not Oh do not ask to see the letter)

8. Handle with or without anti-skid function (this feature does not Oh do not ask to see

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