February 26 update miscellaneous broken code | special inventory process has bottomed shoes boxes for packaging 60%

February 26 update miscellaneous broken code | special inventory process has bottomed shoes boxes for packaging 60%

Product description:

Supply category: Spot Upper material: Canvas Sole Material: Tendon
Whether the stock: Yes Inventory Type: The entire single Product Category: canvas shoes
Applicable Gender: Female pattern: plain Suitable season: Spring, Autumn, Winter
Color: random with a variety of multi-color Size: small allocation, with larger, partial in with

Buy before reading
1, the company's products entirely inventory, the main features of stock is lower than the ex-factory price of the company's stock is most end of a single trade or domestic customers cancel orders for various reasons caused the backlog of goods.
2, product quality and severe upper fracture, open line unglued soles, heels off, along the edge, single shoes, empty shoe box or small, etc., more than 3.5% of the Company unconditional compensation processing to do. Within (3.5% handling your own ) may also return or refund, or wait until the next batch of orders filled. because Free is too high, do not support the return delivery.

3, a small area of ​​the upper product defaced, broken, brush more glue etc not return areas.
4, due to sluggish sales and other non-product quality problems and requirements of return, the company will not be accepted.

5, if quality problems, please buyers contact us within 48 hours of receipt. More than 48 hours after we not and will not be accepted.
6, no way 11 show style, where only some models show, do not pick models, random allotment, the large size ones or ones with small yards, because the stock shoes at a loss treatment, we return a variety of causes not bear the return shipping. please customers buy carefully.

7. Brand, there are differences in style. Miscellaneous shoes trading is based on mutual trust.

8 Your hybrid models are the only shipment or frequently updated models?

We do all year round Miscellaneous shoes. Style update soon.

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