Manufacturers whole process alone models Stock shoes shoes | help low canvas shoes lacing letters wholesale | Yu genuine step

Manufacturers whole process alone models Stock shoes shoes | help low canvas shoes lacing letters wholesale | Yu genuine step

Product description:

Supply category: Spot Brand: Yu step Item No: C05
Upper material: Canvas Sole Material: PVC Product Category: canvas shoes
Applicable Gender: Female Upper height: Low to help Sole process: Injection shoes
The way they dress: Before lacing Function: Breathable For the season: spring, autumn, summer
Color: yellow, pink, blue Size: Monochrome whole from the grant

Mixed batch description:

Which shoes to participate in the entire single mixed batch, five pairs (1 hand, 35-39 yards) from the grant, with (the whole area can be five pairs of shoes mixed batch) Other styles of shoes within the mixed batch of oh.

NOTE: Shipping to zero in remote areas to pay freight charges, not free shipping, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui send express, on order, please contact customer service to modify shipping.

The entire single explanation:

The whole 30 pairs, size has been installed for 1 box of shoe size 35-40 yards, according to the proportion of 366,663 to match.

366 663 Ratio Description:

35 yards three pairs

36 yards six pairs

37 yards six pairs

38 yards six pairs

39 yards six pairs

40 yards three pairs

For the convenience of buyers order, we carefully set up buyers and sellers answer questions, please read the product description here. If you have other questions about the suspect buyers, then please contact us, thank you for your support!

Photographed, shop default that you have read this note.

Please read the instructions before you buy oh

Buyers Question 1: inventory processing of these shoes, if I grant the more, the price can be cheaper?
Seller Answer 1: I'm really sorry, oh we do not bargain home prices have the lowest inventory processing shoes, please mercy of your mouth.!

Buyers Question 2: 10.5 yuan women's canvas shoe has a separate inventory handling package, right?
Seller Answer 2: All 10.5 yuan women's inventory processing canvas shoes are all individually wrapped shoebox oh.

Buyers Question 3: these shoes are displayed on the picture it?
Seller Answer 3: Yes.

Buyers question 4: these stocks canvas shoe size ruffle like?
Seller Answer 4: Inventory canvas shoes the whole single, 1 box of shoes, all completely different in the factory with a good, no disassembly.

Buyers question 5: These shoes will not be defective inventory processing shoes, right?
Seller Answer 5: defective inventory processing heel shoes is totally different section entire inventory process shoes are shoes, a style full-size, with a yard better stock shoes, do not dismiss the possibility of defects (perfectionist careful purchase). .

Buyers question 6: how many pairs from the grant?
Seller Answer 6: 1 from the grant (one of 30 pairs of adult shoes).

Buyers question 7: 1 How many styles goods inside it?
Seller Answer 7: 1 goods, only one style, one color.

Buyers question 8: the next one when I shout, do not ruffle my message to picking it?
Seller Answer 8: The entire single shoes, does not support the selected section, choose the color, the election code we would a direct shipments, not to go with your message, please take acceptable.

Buyers doubt 9: I received the shoes, the shoes are very well last time, this time there are twelve pairs ruffle defective shoes?
Seller Answer 9: try to do when we shipped visual inspection (due to large shipments, buyers do not say, 'Give me a good check and then shipped' impossible to achieve these requirements), we will shoebox bad to check the goods, if shoebox poor sucks, we'll check the next shoe is not a problem (if there is yellow, mildew and other issues).

Buyer questions 10: Can you return it?
Seller Answer 10: inventory processing shoes do not support the return for any reason, ask students to buyers, the initial shoemaking business, with particular emphasis on buyers Note: Stock Handling shoe does not accept 'style poor', defective shoes more 'other reasons return, because inventory processing shoes are factory packaged, we can not penetrate, in every person with the eyes of the heart to judge, as the reason for the difference in assessment, refuse secondary trading. Please look up and then the next single Oh!

Buyer questions 11: Send me Shiyao logistics are Shiyao price??
Seller Answer 11: Please read carefully before placing an order you 'buyers must see' logistics-related information are mentioned.

Buyer questions 12: At what time can give me shipped?
Seller Answer 12: Usually an order, we will be in next day delivery (lucky or have spare time to catch up with the boss, the same day or the next day gave sent out Ha) Because a large amount of orders, we will. According to the order of payment orders shipped, please do not reminders, do not vibrating screen. Of course, there will be special circumstances (pouring rain cause can not be shipped, etc.), NA me, the delivery time can only be postponed Oh, please the majority of buyers give understanding!

Buyer questions 13: I did not ruffle the goods sent or not shipping status??
Seller Answer 13: pro, your shipment at the latest the first three days the next one has been issued, oh, just go at cargo consignment is pulled hair, to the next day to get back to a single number so that we will be late 1. -2-day fill in the logistics a single number. If you send a courier, express a single number the day of uploading.

About compensation: according to experience long-term inventory processing shoes, inventory processing shoes are generally 5% defective rate, that is to say a box of 40 pairs of shoes, two pairs may be unable to sell because of profits is limited, we are not refundable. does not change, the excess part of defective products under a single time in the next few defective fee income, do not accept delivery and Alipay refund send back and forth. Sometimes, there may be an empty shoe box where you received, or there two different code shoes, stock shoes will inevitably be the case (defective fee compensation standard: a small area of ​​open plastic uppers small area of ​​damage, less laces, insoles less, partly musty, which do not affect the sale of each pair return 1 yuan compensation.)

Blue Show

Yellow display

Pink show