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H9 network TV set-top box TV box HD hard disk player Haisi quad-core wireless WIFI

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Classic H9
  • Number of CPU cores: eight cores
  • Brand: Classic
  • Model: H9
  • Package type: official standard
  • Platform type: China number
  • Run the memory RAM: 1GB
  • Color classification: orange
  • Supported formats: DivX MPEG4 MPEG2 MPEG1 RM RMVB WMA BD-25 MKV
  • Storage: built-in flash memory
  • Output resolution: 3840x2160
  • Player Category: Web Player
  • Subtitle format: SRT ssa
  • Dimensions: 160mm * 100mm * 30mm
  • Weight: 450g
  • Interface Type: Network Interface WIFI HDMI AV USB
  • Operating system: YunOS for TV

Classic has national institutions Genuine licensing , Including movies, dramas, etc. At the same time, use Super Antenna , High-definition programs to meet the high-bandwidth wireless network signal requirements to ensure that the quality of the picture to see high-definition smooth.

Really support 4K + H.265 high-definition box 4K + H.265 is definitely a favorite combination of enthusiasts , The market 99.99% of the boxes are not supported (the friends not only to ask, the best to do something to test, to avoid fooled! Can not simultaneously support 4K + H.265 boxes have been eliminated) 4K + H.265 combination Is the highest civilian standards, even if your TV was eliminated, the classic H9 quad-core may not be out of date!

★ This is the best quality of the box, classic H9 quad-core have Exclusive ExpressX graphics engine , Can be customized to adjust the image mode, showing a more delicate rich visual images (Note: cottage Tablet PC chip box can not support)

★ Classic H9Using USB3.0 high-speed interface 4K era , The data speed requirements multiplied, USB2.0 speed is not enough, simply can not meet the needs of 4K playback, the so-called support for 4K but does not support USB3.0 box is bullying

★ classic H9 used All-aluminum body + high-gain antenna , The classic H9 uses a much higher cost of metal body design, cooling stronger (lower failure rate), the surface will not easily leave scratches and the increase in the gain antenna than the box without the antenna signal stronger!