2014 Quality Miscellaneous Men | 13.5 元 stock shoes processing | Men's canvas shoes | shoes broken code clearance

2014 Quality Miscellaneous Men | 13.5 元 stock shoes processing | Men's canvas shoes | shoes broken code clearance

Product description:

Supply category: Spot Brand Name: Bit Upper material: Canvas
Whether the stock: Yes Stock Type: Miscellaneous Product Category: canvas shoes
To apply a gender: Male For the season: spring, autumn, summer Whether the trade: No
Color: number of multicolor Size: How much code, how small code

Logistics telegraph, buyers must see!

As the town (Ruian cents down town) Logistics a monopoly industry, but also very high-handed, hair treatment shoe pieces themselves do not like to receive (often sent in the past has been returned to, and does not provide the logistics tracking), nor general shipping department to the query stream. We can only wait, as more than 10 days have not received notice of arrival, we will try to help check. If you issue a query requires only a few days to go, we can not, logistics companies do not let the investigation, Please be careful! If something really long time did not receive, but also do not panic, do not let the parents who suffer!

NOTE: Shipping to zero in remote areas to pay freight charges, not free shipping, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui send express, on order, please contact customer service to modify shipping.

For the convenience of buyers order, we carefully set up buyers and sellers answer questions, please read the product description here. If you have other questions about the suspect buyers, then please contact us, thank you for your support!

Buyers Question 1: these miscellaneous shoes, if I grant the more, the price can be cheaper?
Seller Answer 1: I'm really sorry, oh no counteroffer our family shoe hybrid models have the lowest price, and ask you mouth mercy of market goods 7-8 yuan low-end market, we are not advanced.!.

Buyers Question 2: these shoes are some miscellaneous Shiyao shoes?
Seller Answer 2: In the shoes of these hybrid models, are some brand shoes (US bits, etc.), but are not limited to these, when each update, there will be a new brand may appear Oh all the shoes are all hybrid models. shoebox individually wrapped oh.

Buyers Question 3: How many of these shoes probably are models on display pictures of all?
Seller Answer 3: The current display pictures online style is relatively small, only a part of the style, but in fact, warehouse style is very much due to the large workload pictures inconvenient each section are shot out to you Kane. .

Buyers question 4: these hybrid models shoe size ruffle like?
Seller Answer 4: miscellaneous shoes are generally broken code, for example, a style only 39 yards, only 42 yards, only 44 yards, and so on, find a good 39-44 yards situation is, of course, a variety of situations Oh, there may exist.

Buyers question 5: These hybrid models will not be defective shoes shoes, right?
Seller Answer 5: Miscellaneous defective heel shoes is totally different hybrid models of shoes are with respect to the entire single shoes for the whole shoes is a style of several colors, a variety of sizes, with better code miscellaneous shoes. basic Instead, miscellaneous Shoes on miscellaneous in its style, color and size. miscellaneous shoes also belong to the stock shoes, do not dismiss the possibility of defects (perfectionist careful purchase). miscellaneous shoes other than the online sale of defective shoes To little more, the defect rate of about 5 percent. We do not recommend buyers to order the first time shoemaking business.

Buyers question 6: Can pick models, pick colors, pick how you code it to me with the code??
Seller Answer 6: Miscellaneous shoe styles, colors, lot size, do not support the pick models, pick colors, pick yards miscellaneous shoes with no clear code, men canvas shoe size is usually 39-44, where 40-. 43 more sizes, 39 and 44 of relatively small size. You can size the markets in their own sales, select 'how much code' or 'how small code' to purchase. We will send your order to picking goods. styles and colors as much as possible with.

Buyers question 7: how many pairs from the grant?
Seller Answer 7: 2 from the grant (one adult to 30 pairs of shoes, two is 60 pairs).

Buyers question 8: 1 How many styles goods inside it?
Seller Answer 8: This should be based on the buyer's orders, the general style of a one-time order more more, less one-time ordering fewer styles such as a 60 pairs of orders, there were only 60 pairs of shoes. a small number of models would surely be less 600 pairs of orders, but we generally inside a cargo section 4-5. Each piece goods which would duplicate paragraph, when rationing, we try to give them more styles and colors Let buyers better sales.

Buyers question 9: to me is that these style pictures on it?
Seller Answer 9: Miscellaneous necessarily frequently updated, is part of the style of the whole picture of our hybrid models, since all models have carried photographs of the workload is too big, with Ali's page to see the full release out to the buyer is not realistic but certainly I can tell you is that our products are good value!

Buyers question 10: the next one when I shout, do not ruffle my message to picking it?
Seller Answer 10: Miscellaneous shoes, does not support the selected section, choose the color, the election code or in the notes requirements 'with a good point, good point inspection, Shiyao styles do not' and so on, we generally do not come with your message. , please take acceptable.

Buyer questions 11: I received the shoes, the shoes are well last time, this time there are twelve pairs ruffle defective shoes?
Seller Answer 11: When we try to do a visual inspection delivery (due to large shipments, buyers do not say, 'Give me a good check and then shipped' impossible to achieve these requirements), we will shoebox bad to check the goods, if shoebox poor sucks, we'll check the next shoe is not a problem (if there is yellow, mildew and other issues).

Buyer questions 12: Can you return it?
Seller Answer 12: Miscellaneous shoes do not support the return for any reason, ask students to buyers, the initial shoemaking business, with particular emphasis on buyers Note: miscellaneous shoes do not accept 'style poor', less style ', the last Good point return money, this money does not work 'and other reasons, because of miscellaneous shoes are not regularly updated, it is impossible for each of the goods are the same as the same paragraph, the same quality, we can not penetrate, in every person with the eyes of the heart to judge , as the reason for the difference in assessment, refuse secondary trading. Please look up and then the next single Oh!

Buyer questions 13: Tell me Shiyao logistics are Shiyao price??
Seller Answer 13: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui region made express, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and 25 yuan / piece, Anhui 30 yuan / piece other regions the shipping, freight is to pay child care costs around the country are different, probably a (30 pairs adult shoes) about 30 yuan, 10 yuan plus transit needs, Xinjiang and other remote areas to around 50 yuan. an order, remember to contact customer service to modify shipping Kazakhstan.

Buyer questions 14: At what time can give me shipped?
Seller Answer 14: Usually an order, we will deliver the next day (lucky or have spare time to catch up with the boss, the same day or the next day gave sent out Ha) Because a large amount of orders, we will. According to the order of payment orders shipped, please do not reminders, do not vibrating screen. Of course, there will be special circumstances (heavy rain cause can not be shipped, etc.), NA me, the delivery time can only be postponed Oh, please the majority of buyers give understanding!

Buyer questions 15: I did not ruffle the goods sent or not shipping status??
Seller Answer 15: pro, your shipment at the latest the first three days the next one has been issued, oh, just go at cargo consignment is pulled hair, to the next day to get back to a single number so that we will be late 1. -2-day fill in the logistics a single number. If you send a courier, express a single number the day of uploading.

About compensation: according to experience long-term miscellaneous shoes, miscellaneous, shoes generally have a 5% defective rate, that is to say a box of 40 pairs of shoes, two pairs may be unable to sell because of profits is limited, we are not refundable. does not change, the excess part of defective products under a single time in the next few defective fee income, do not accept delivery and Alipay refund send back and forth. Sometimes, there may be an empty shoe box where you received, or there two different code of shoes, or shoes hairy, and stock shoes will inevitably be the case (defective fee compensation standard: a small area of ​​open plastic uppers small area of ​​damage, less laces, insoles small, musty, which are not part impact of sales per double back 1 yuan compensation.)

The following pictures show purposes only, I am afraid many styles stock huge restaurant can not enumerate Products

Not all hair show when picking the latest styles, new old replacement have a process, so long as it is not to delete the image or recently took the money, there may be repeated. Warehouse are constantly into new, no time shelves, within the scope of this section is also picking, mind friend, please think twice!

The monochrome basically broken code, please do not force a single paragraph yardage installed for each piece of goods will try to give you the yardage filled and more. Have single paragraph single code on one pair of cases, this is miscellaneous shoes not the entire single shoes, please see !!

Product picture just described, does not mean objects, details see below image to refresh oh.

The following is 2014.2.22 update

The following picture is October 31 update portions canvas shoes

The following picture is September 18 update portions canvas shoes (updated brand: Yu Chi Step Carlo)

The following picture is September 17 update portions canvas shoes (updated brand: beauty bits)

The following picture is September 4th update portions canvas shoes (updated brand: beauty bits)