Korean hair accessories | donuts bobo ball head plate hair | hair tools bud meatball head hair ring

Korean hair accessories | donuts bobo ball head plate hair | hair tools bud meatball head hair ring

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Hair Accessories Category: Hair Accessories Set
  • Color Classification: Round - Small Round - Large
  • Material: Other
  • Brand: Beautiful princess / beautiful princess
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 1.00-9.99 yuan
  • Mosaic Material: Unmounted
  • Strange new: Fabric characteristics
  • Product Number: P004
  • Style: Sweet

Large diameter: about 8-9CM trumpet diameter: about 7CM

1: rapid prototyping, natural fresh

2: Even if the hair less, still plastic head shape

3: The material is good, do not hook hair, waterproof, easy to carry

The first step, first tied Mawei
The first step in the packet header, are usually the first tied ponytail, Baotou giant first step, of course, is no different

The second step, it is necessary to spend this small props used, the packet header donut hug, the Baotou donuts through Mawei it! Make this package a sense of increasing the amount of hair hero is it! Because sweet the ring itself is not small volume, if worried about their fat content can not put a donut hiding very good, do not worry Oh! because the packet header donut has a black and brown, can choose their own real hair close color, are less likely to leak filling ~

third step , Ponytails spread to wrap donuts, ponytails wrapped packet header donut spread, tress around the center portion of the packet header and more wrapped a few times, the last remaining part of the tail, the tail part directly stuffed donuts to go to the inside. Finally, just a little bit to make adjustments, so that the packet header looks neat finished hug!

Complete the map, the location of the package header will be highly influenced by the original ponytail tied, suggest that you can tie a little higher would be more lovely! Big stars of the packet header, looks like nuns, but also make the face look smaller Oh!