Inventory processing wholesale | men shoes | duanma | Injection canvas shoes | Miscellaneous | rubber footwear | Miscellaneous Shoes | 13 元

Inventory processing wholesale | men shoes | duanma | Injection canvas shoes | Miscellaneous | rubber footwear | Miscellaneous Shoes | 13 元

Product description:

Supply category: Spot Brand: Other Item: Miscellaneous
Upper material: leather cloth Random Sole Material: Rubber & Plastics Random Whether the stock: Yes
Stock Type: Miscellaneous Product Category: canvas shoes Apply a gender: Neutral / both men and women
Cortical features: Other Popular elements: a variety of multi-color Function: Other
Pattern: Other For the season: spring, fall, summer, winter Whether the trade: No
Color: 13 yuan 72 hours delivery number of multicolor Size: big yards female models, female models more small yards, big yards male models, male models how small code

Please take a few minutes to read the following before buying instructions ohhh

Due to larger shipments, all orders after payment 72 hours delivery, truer customer please carefully!

Due to advance orders by the warehouse picking line, we will write in advance orders, written orders shipping point. So the point is not the exact delivery time delivery time delivery time, please press the payment date plus three days when the check cargo operator. hereby description! Thank you for understanding!

We emphasize once again oh ~

Not all hair show when picking the latest styles, new old replacement have a process, so long as it is not to delete the image or recently took the money, there may be repeated. Warehouse are constantly into new, no time shelves, within the scope of this section is also picking, mind friend, please think twice!

The monochrome basically broken code, please do not force a single paragraph yardage installed for each piece of goods will try to give you the yardage filled and more. Have single paragraph single code on one pair of cases, this is miscellaneous shoes not the entire single shoes, please see !!

1.13 yuan is about What kind of shoes?

13 Yuan zone shoes with big brands (the people, step Cheung, Rui birds, many brands, is not limited to these brands), new shoes mostly.

2.13 yuan is platform shoes it?

13 yuan is not all are platform shoes, there will be a thin-soled shoes.

3. Your hybrid models are the only shipment or frequently updated models?

We are constantly updating models, almost every few days will be back inside the batch from plant miscellaneous shoes.

4. Miscellaneous your shoes probably-what yardage?

Based on our years of experience, miscellaneous shoes are generally broken code. As only 39 yards and 35 yards, only 38 yards, only 36 yards ....

Of course, there are some yardage better as only 36-38. ..

5. Do you miscellaneous shoes are not defective shoes?

Miscellaneous Shoes and defective shoes are not a type.

Miscellaneous Shoes shoes belong inventory processing, non-defective.

The main feature is the code number of missing, incomplete color, however, and stock shoes like, do not dismiss the possibility of defects, perfectionist careful purchase, inventory shoes See notes (wholesale must-see) http:.. // Shop1365786514761 cn alibaba . com / page / custompage1. htm

6. We received the shoes, the shoes are very well last time, this time there are twelve pairs ruffle defective shoes?

Our shoes are all seized impossible! We are not retail, please do not remark 'Please check shipping good quality' This requirement does not make sense.

Miscellaneous Shoes defective part is normal. We are not a delivery time of both inspections.

We pick up the goods from the factory are hundreds of pieces. Goods into the warehouse, they also can not do quality control.

But can affirm that we do all year round Miscellaneous shoes, not intentionally as charged, it will not intentionally defective plug a few pairs of shoes to the cargo inside the customer ordered.

Miscellaneous Shoes is 5% defect rate Oh, that each have two pairs of 40 pairs of shoes can not be sold (for example off the bottom section of a large area damaged, the wrong code, along the feet, the level of the cylinder and the like) we do not fill Oh, take is to accept, but also hope to understand the inconvenience ~

In the above reasons given negative feedback, refused to limited secondary trading profits !!, hope and understanding!

For return customer, we have not and will not be processed.

Miscellaneous shoes FAQ:

1. what it feels miscellaneous shoes?

Miscellaneous shoes is missing yardage shoes: (1) Only one yard such as: only 36 yards, only 37 yards, only 40 yards, only 35 yards, etc. (2) Only two yards: Only 3539, etc. (3) If only three yards, etc. 363 940 (4) Of course, there are some code number of shoes are all together.

2. Can support color pick pick pick code section? Many miscellaneous shoe styles, pick paragraph does not pick the color support. Size we will ship according to how big yards north, south how small yards. Styles and colors as much as possible we will send.

3. Is there a shoebox miscellaneous shoes bags?

There shoebox, bags randomly, factory situation will not rule out the release of tainted

4. I see some miscellaneous shoes on the market and sold for about $ 8, you ruffle to 13?

Our shoes are manufacturers of miscellaneous brands of shoes, so-called 'hybrid' only just broken code, color failure, many models mixed together. We have no time to count separately, the shoes are good. The market of around 8 yuan We do not sell low-end shoes.

The following is a wholesale market of 8 yuan low-end shoes, we do not currently intend to do this low-end market:

5. Miscellaneous ruffle buy your shoes? Direct selection Small size shoes shoes small yards too large yard men's shoes too large yard, warehouse shipments depending on your choice.

6. Do you get these miscellaneous section is ruffle shoes? We are the manufacturers will regularly clean up part of the color insufficiency / yardage insufficiency / seasonal shoe models. We will select good quality brand manufacturers (people present, Rui birds, Zhejiang far, Akai Di, Australia Dekang, step Cheung, etc.) The miscellaneous shoes.

7. Are each shoe is demonstrated by the following picture? The following shoes are we randomly selected a few pairs of samples taken, and not all pictures Customers can specify the style, you can not specify the color, you can not specify color.

8 If I photographed payment, then you will be issued Shiyao Shiyao style brand shoes?

Please select customers Small size shoes shoes small yards too large yard men's shoes too large yards. We will follow with the brand, style of delivery. Do not support the brand or style.

9. Can you picture all hybrid models of shoes sent to me, I chose the cargo? Miscellaneous shoe styles are more chaotic, we can not shoot pictures one by one. Only a few pairs of random show below.

10. I am a Southern customers want more shoes small yards, Will ruffle choose? Direct selection Female models small yards We will try to arrange warehouse shipments how small yards shoes.

11. I received the goods, but did not show you the picture of style, it is not made a mistake? Product images on the page just randomly show, the actual picking random picking. Does not specify the brand, style, color.

12. Miscellaneous your shoes regularly update? We are frequently updated, only these big brands of shoes processing plant has hybrid models will be on us. Guarantee the freshness of style, often hybrid models on the new shoes.

The following pictures are for reference only

Mens reference picture

WOMEN reference picture