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2014 spring women's shoes | fashion student shoes | heavy-bottomed increased | tendon at the end of the help | shoes wholesale

2014 spring women's shoes | fashion student shoes | heavy-bottomed increased | tendon at the end of the help | shoes wholesale
  • 2014 spring women's shoes | fashion student shoes | heavy-bottomed increased | tendon at the end of the help | shoes wholesale
Product code: 25529200001
Unit price: Price Negotiable
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Supply category: Spot Brand: Thai Workers Item: 1280
Upper material: Canvas Sole Material: Tendon Whether the stock: Yes
Inventory Type: The entire single Product Category: canvas shoes Applicable Gender: Female
Upper height: in help Sole process: vulcanized shoes Cortical features: Other
The way they dress: Before lacing Popular elements: Other Function: higher
pattern: plain For the season: spring, autumn Whether the trade: No
Color: wine red, dark blue Size: 35-39

That customers can focus on our micro letter: kucunxiepifa123 have updated daily

1. picking principles:
1: Ryan casual canvas shoes, 30 pairs of mostly packaging / piece (40 pairs of shoes / piece), which is the industry's international practice is justified, the volume should not be too large.
2, support the election shall choose the color, but not the optional code (which may indicate large yard with bias or bias with small yards).
3, with the code: This is a big problem is the question we are most concerned about from the factory out of the goods is generally five numbers from 35-39 or women 36-40 yards, men from 39-43 or 39-44 yards are little more than the middle two, five pairs of words are generally four yards plus intermediate code feature. small southern Bigfoot, the less we will adjust the feet of the north, such as the South with the largest number can be less or unworthy, North minimum number can be less with or without, but double the number of a specific decision or their own boss, at least three pairs played a one color !!!
Tips: Stock bad pair of shoes a yard with myself, three yards more than the average adult in the context of the continuous code will not notice in myself (containing more than four yards shoes broken code included !!!)!

2. Product quality Description:
We provide you with regular factory Ruian goods are mass-produced, and even some are foreign trade last single, definitely not a small shoe workshop for seven days, so you may rest assured, however need to remind you that:! Please do not take us 10 yuan more than the well-known brands of shoes and shoes on the 100 yuan more than the quality of the plant to survive, workers' wages to be bound to control costs, etc. However, this kind of price, cost is definitely high, the absolute value for money!
1, the company's products are mostly stock, the main features of stock is lower than the ex-factory price of the company's stock is most end of a single trade or domestic customers cancel orders for various reasons caused the backlog of goods.
2, product quality seriously unglued, open line, and other issues off the bottom part exceeds 3.5%, until the next batch of orders filled. Because Free is too high, do not support the return for any reason.
3, a small area of ​​the upper product defaced, broken, brush more glue etc not return areas. Buttonholes off each of our customers double up two yuan.
4, due to sluggish sales and other non-product quality problems return requirements, we can not be accepted.
5, if quality problems, please buyers contact us within 2 days after receipt, and to provide relevant picture, beyond the two days we did not give accept myself!
6, the stock shoes at a loss treatment, return all causes we shall not bear the return freight, please customers buy carefully, thank you!

3. Stock shoes frequently asked questions and compensation standards:
First, we swear: Impossible deliberately quality problems will be part of the shoe rationing customers, after all, not all seized, some of the problems we are not aware of (mutual understanding have problems resolved through consultation, to ensure that will not allow customers to suffer!).
Stock shoes have a small number of quality problems and defective goods are normal, we compensate part of the quality issue, and it is the principle of business integrity Note: 3.5% or less of the quality issues are not treated
Uncompensated category (no compensation): glue brush is too high; thread off; vamps a little dirty; dirty insoles; insoles scratches; part moldy shoes; shoes posted the wrong code number;
Compensation scope and standards (problems found after 2 days of delivery, not to deal with the problem of overdue discovery)
Sole broken, damaged uppers: all next reissue (do not accept the courier sent back and forth) when replenishment
Mix other models: the wrong mix of styles down 5 yuan per pair processing (excluding similar) (not accepted return)
Colors wrong: wrong color drop 2 yuan per pair processing (do not accept return)

4. With regard to the return instructions (like ruffle do not receive the goods):
General merchandise quality problems rebate does not change because of the small number Weihuo large wholesale quantity, style update fast, when the customer received the goods, I am here, probably not the goods were cleared out of print;.. If the goods into hand and we did not move it there under the premise of this section goods inventory, needs replacement, then return postage to be borne (recommendations have this back and forth freight is not as cheap at a local point of sale unlikely loss) because we operate Factory products are so cheap Potter take the volume of large, individual products are micro defects, is a normal phenomenon, we will follow to the extent flaws in compensation. (weight code column compensation of the phenomenon is not, because there are a lot of goods at the factory with a repeat Number phenomenon, make sure that before the order is optimistic with the code, we are in with a code to order picking.)

If the shoes have serious quality problems, the customer will get the goods there are quality problems within two days taking pictures of shoes, after we confirm and negotiation process !!