Authentic sneakers Korean version of platform shoes | Joker classic canvas women shoes women's shoes wholesale | Black spring shoes

Authentic sneakers Korean version of platform shoes | Joker classic canvas women shoes women's shoes wholesale | Black spring shoes

Product description:

Goods category: spot Brand: o de Kang Item no: K827
Shoe upper material: canvas Sole material: dichotomanthes Stock: Yes
Category: canvas shoes Applying gender: Unisex for men and women Upper height: low
Sole technology: Vulcanized shoes Leather features: other In: front tie
Popular elements: leather stitching Features: high Pattern: solid color
For the season: spring, fall, summer Foreign trade: Yes Types of foreign trade: export
Color: black, green, blue Size: 35-39

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1. principle of distribution:
1: Ryan casual canvas shoes and packing for 30/piece (shoes 40-/), this is the international practice in the industry is justified, not too large in size.
2 support the selected color, but not optional codes (may indicate that the bias in relatively small code size distribution or distribution).
3, with code: this is a big problem and you care most about. The goods from the factory are shoes with 5 numbers from 35 to 39 or 36 to 40 yards, men's shoes from 39 to 43 and 39 to 44 yards, are two small, 5-four yards are generally added to a code distribution. Southern area Bigfoot little feet we will make appropriate adjustments in the North, for example, the South's largest number can be equipped with less or not, Northern lower minimum number, can match or not. But even numbers or boss has decided that a color at least 3!!!
Warm Tip: stock shoes code: a pair of very good match myself, adults more than three yards on the premise of continuous codes will not be notified in advance of myself! (Children's shoes more than four yards, break code!!!)

2. product quality description:
We for you provides of goods are is Wenzhou Ryan formal manufacturers production of, even part are is foreign trade tail single, absolute not small workshop of seven days shoes, so please you despite assured! but need reminded you of is: Please don't took we 10 Yuan more of shoes and well-known brand Shang 100 Yuan of shoes than quality, factory to survival, workers to sent wage, must will control cost,. However, this price, price is definitely higher, definitely value for money!
1, the company's products tend to be stock, the main feature is the price lower than the price of the stock of the company most stock is foreign or domestic, single tail, customer backlog of cargo due to various reasons to cancel the order.
2, product quality, and Ravel, problems such as broken beyond the 3.5% part from the batch of orders filled. Due to excessive postage, returns are not supported for any reason.
3, upper small area of defaced, break, glue brushes and so on are not included in the return areas. Grommet off we fill each customer 2.
4, unmarketable products such as product quality problems and request a replacement, we may refuse to accept.
5, if there is quality problem, please contact us within 2 days of receipt, and provide related pictures, beyond two days later and we don't accept myself!
6, due to stock shoes are at a loss, due to various reasons the return and we are not responsible for shipping, refer the customer to purchase carefully, thank you!

3. the stock shoes FAQ and compensation criteria:
First, we swear: no part may intentionally be shoe rationing customers with quality problems, after all, not all, some of the problems we don't know. (Understanding the questions to address, and promise I will not let customers suffer!)
Stock shoes is normal to have a small amount of quality problems and defective products, we make some compensation for quality problems, is also in line with the principles of business integrity. Note: the quality problems are not within 3.5%
Non-compensated category (without compensation): glue brush is too high; Head off; Vamp is a little dirty; Soles dirty; Insole scratches; Shoes part of the Moldy; Shoe size, wrong;
Compensation categories and criteria (problems found within 2 days of delivery, delays in finding the problem unaddressed)
Sole fault, damaged upper: replacement next time replenishment (does not accept express mail back and forth)
Mix: mixing the wrong style down 5 Yuan each (except for the same) (no return)
Color wrong: wrong color down 2 Yuan each (no return)

4. Notes on the return (receipt does not like what to do):
General merchandise no quality problems not returned for more. Because not many domestic, wholesale large amount, style update soon when the customer after receipt of goods, I here the goods is likely to have been empty. Not out of print; As goods into hand not moving and we this also has this paragraph goods inventory of premise Xia, need replacement words, back and forth postage to itself bear (recommends has this back and forth of freight also than in local cheap points sale total not loss). because we business of products is factory tail goods so price low go goods volume big, individual products has micro-defects, is normal phenomenon, we will according to flaws degree to Yu compensation of. (Repeated code are not reimbursable, because most goods shipped from there with duplicate numbers, before confirming the order, please see matching code we assigned code distribution is in order.)

If they had serious quality problems, within two days after the customer receives quality shoes will be photographed, after our confirmation and consultations!!

Work Sir brand-ruiandabowen shoes industry production of, women's Han version canvas leisure shoes, students shoes, quality sails shoes surface (inside a layer cotton), anti-sliding wear rubber three times sulfide ' rubber + tendon ' end of, original General shoes box packaging and attached no spinning cloth mobile bags! distribution code 35-40 code (standard code), only for reference 37 code end of long 245mm, has II paragraph six color can selected! (Note: orders to single shoe picture name on the color and distribution code, and description is for reference only, thank you for your support!