Specials trade Weihuo miscellaneous shoes fashion shoes | classic solid snow boots breaking yards stock shoes wholesale

Specials trade Weihuo miscellaneous shoes fashion shoes | classic solid snow boots breaking yards stock shoes wholesale

Product description:

Supply category: Spot Item: Miscellaneous Upper material: Suede
Sole Material: Foam Apply a gender: Neutral / both men and women Tube high: in-tube
Popular elements: car suture The way he dressed: sleeve / overshoes Function: Warm
Stock Type: Miscellaneous Whether the stock: Yes pattern: plain
Whether the trade: Yes Type of foreign trade: Export Color: color, regardless of size / shoes, regardless of size color / shoes, regardless of size color / child shoes
Size: regardless of size color

For the convenience of buyers order, we carefully set up buyers and sellers answer questions, please read the product description here. If you have other questions about the suspect buyers, then please contact us, thank you for your support!
Only 6,000 pairs sold so far .. size between 13-39. This paragraph itself a little flaw! Note Please read the following instructions carefully!
Buyers Question 1: these shoes, if I grant the more, the price can be cheaper?
Seller Answer 1: I'm really sorry, do not bargain Oh ..

Buyers Question 2: The quality shoes ruffle like it
Seller Answer 2: pro, shoe itself is part of a little flawed, but does not affect the sale of Oh!

Buyers Question 3: do these women have shoes, style is the same?
Seller Answer 3: Yes, pro, shoes shoes style is the same, broken color broken code pro!

Buyers question 4: these shoe size ruffle like?
Seller Answer 4: broken code size is not very complete.

Buyers question 5:? How do you pick the code you gave me with the code?
Seller Answer 5: Sorry pro, we do not pick this is the size of children's shoes shoes mixed wholesale goods, if the parental quantity to the many things can help you pick out shoes or children's shoes!

Buyers question 6: how many pairs from the grant?
Seller Answer 6: Because shoes are not boxed in foreign trade, one can hold 50 pairs Oh, so 50 pairs from the grant Oh!

Buyers question 7: I shout out when the next one, do not ruffle my message to picking it?
Seller Answer 7: miscellaneous shoes, does not support the selected section, choose the color, the election code or in the notes requirements 'with a good point, good point inspection, Shiyao styles do not' and so on, we generally do not come with your message. , please take acceptable.

Buyers question 8: I received the shoes, the shoes are very well last time, this time there are twelve pairs ruffle defective shoes?
Seller Answer 8: try to do when we shipped visual inspection (due to large shipments, buyers do not say, 'Give me a good check and then shipped' impossible to achieve these requirements)!

Buyers question 9: Can you return it?
Seller Answer 9: Special stock shoes do not support the return for any reason, ask students to buyers, the initial shoemaking business, with particular emphasis on buyers Note: This shoe prices itself may be some little flaw but does not affect the sale of 'last Good point return money, this money does not work 'and other reasons, we are unable insight into everyone's eye with heart judge, as the reason for the difference in assessment, refuse secondary trading. Please look up and then the next single Oh!

Buyer questions 10: Tell me Shiyao logistics are Shiyao price??
Seller Answer 10: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui region made full peak courier, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and 25 yuan / piece, Anhui 30 yuan / piece other regions the shipping, freight is to pay child care costs around the country are different, probably a ( 50 pairs of snow boots without cartridge) is about 30 yuan, 10 yuan plus transit needs, Xinjiang and other remote areas to around 50 yuan. an order, according to their own circumstances to fill in shipping and Kazakhstan. If other shipping questions please contact customer service!

Buyer questions 11: At what time can give me shipped?
Seller Answer 11: Usually an order, we will be in next day delivery (lucky or have spare time to catch up with the boss, the same day or the next day gave sent out Ha) Because a large amount of orders, we will. According to the order of payment orders shipped, please do not reminders, do not vibrating screen. Of course, there will be special circumstances (pouring rain cause can not be shipped, etc.), NA me, the delivery time can only be postponed Oh, please the majority of buyers give understanding!

Buyer questions 12: I did not ruffle the goods sent or not shipping status??
Seller Answer 12: pro, your shipment at the latest the first three days the next one has been issued, oh, just go at cargo consignment is pulled hair, to the next day to get back to a single number so that we will be late 1. -2-day fill in the logistics a single number. If you send a courier, express a single number the day of uploading.

About compensation: according to experience long-term miscellaneous shoes, miscellaneous, shoes generally have a defective rate of 8%, that is to say a box of 50 pairs of shoes, there are four pairs may be unable to sell because of profits is limited, we are not refundable. does not change, the excess part of defective products under a single time in the next few defective fee income, we do not accept delivery and Alipay send back and forth refund (defective fee compensation standard: a large area plastic, large open line, vamp a large area of ​​damage, and so can not be sold, and each pair of back 2 yuan compensation). -
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