Wholesale inventories Miscellaneous virgin snow boots winter snow boots children shoes broken code Specials Tong Tong snow boots

Wholesale inventories Miscellaneous virgin snow boots winter snow boots children shoes broken code Specials Tong Tong snow boots

Product description:

Supply category: Spot Brand: Other Item: Miscellaneous
Upper material: artificial PU Category: snow boots Apply a gender: Neutral / both men and women
Age: children fitted (1-3 years old), small children (4-6 years), in children (7-12 years old), big children (13-16 years old) Sole Material: Foam Tube high: in-tube
The way he dressed: sleeve / overshoes Popular elements: sequins Function: Warm
Are there lights: no Are there sound: no Pattern: Other
For the season: Fall, Winter Whether the trade: Yes Type of foreign trade: Export
Stock Type: Miscellaneous Whether the stock: Yes Color: miscellaneous shoes, miscellaneous women's shoes, women's shoes hybrid models
Size: random hair color, regardless of size

New and old customers Hello, everyone!

This baby is OUR Miscellaneous class, all class style size hybrid models are random delivery shop. We are usually granted the rest of the broken code off-color shoes, style random size so you have to look carefully before the next one , and the picture is just a small part of styles for your reference and look like, specifically sent to your hands do not necessarily have these models, because too many styles, we have not been able to change models quickly provide pictures. Each batch of goods are is not the same, warehouses have nay section random hair Shiyao paragraph. demanding that we do not recommend to take the miscellaneous section. Please carefully or consult clear. Upon receipt of the goods on the part of the province are not satisfied and can not be returned on the style Take Poor;. to deal with our most important sellers to do business in good faith we can do is try to give everyone with a value for money goods, shoes a little flaw, etc. are non refundable Oh, itself is a loss, hope pro. You can understand, I hope the restaurant can cooperate happily with you, the most suitable for the goods sales stall friends!

If defective shoes have quality problems rebate does not change but do not bear the freight photographed to accept the agreement on behalf of

This paragraph does not support shoe refund return, please buyers consider the purchase, you can not buy lose 7.5, 7.5 you can not buy fooled. Worth the price to understand your own!

============ Hybrid models for the night market street vendor street vendor selling well! ===============

Buyers Buffet problem areas

Q: pro, there are shoes it?

A: Yes, pro, all the winter snow boots Oh!

Q: pro, miscellaneous ruffle picking!

A: Hello, is the so-called hybrid models, regardless of size with color and style random delivery oh, we try to give you with full-size Oh!

Q: There are boys with girls shoes it?

A: Yes, there are men and women through wear!

============ Remote clients propose to green logistics low price! ===============

For a street vendor pro, definitely a good cargo Oh, you can put where disposable unified sales! Winter is definitely money oh

Style multi-part not upload oh !!!!!!!