Long-term update | Miscellaneous canvas shoes student shoes broken code shoes stock shoes miscellaneous breaking yards wholesale inventory processing

Long-term update | Miscellaneous canvas shoes student shoes broken code shoes stock shoes miscellaneous breaking yards wholesale inventory processing

Product description:

Supply category: Spot Brand: Other Item: 12 yuan hybrid models canvas shoes
Upper material: Canvas Sole Material: Tendon Whether the stock: Yes
Stock Type: Miscellaneous Product Category: canvas shoes Applicable Gender: Female
Upper height: Low to help Sole process: vulcanized shoes Cortical features: Other
The way they dress: Before lacing Popular elements: ribbon, flowers, sequins, bows, rhinestones, rivets, tassels, metal, totem, car sutures, cuffs, leather stitching, candy colors, Sponge cake, grape particles Function: anti-skid
Pattern: Various For the season: spring, fall, summer, winter Whether the trade: No
Color: Variety random hair 12 yuan hybrid models Size: 35-40 shoes small yards ones, women 35-40 yards ones

Miscellaneous Shoes is 5% defect rate, oh, that is to say there are 1.5 pairs of shoes per 30 can not be sold (for example off the bottom section of a large area damaged, the wrong code, along the feet, the level of the cylinder and the like) we do not fill Oh, take is to accept, but also hope to understand the inconvenience ~

In the above reasons given negative feedback, refused to limited secondary trading profits !!, hope and understanding!

For return customer, we have not and will not be processed.

In order to facilitate customer orders, we are depending on the circumstances of the shipment, carefully set the product yourself, please read the product description. For any other questions, please contact us again, thank you for your support!

1. what it feels miscellaneous shoes?

Miscellaneous shoes is missing yardage shoes: (1) Only one yard such as: only 36 yards, only 37 yards, only 40 yards, only 35 yards, etc. (2) Only two yards: Only 3539, etc. (3) If only three yards, etc. 363 940 (4) Of course, there are some code number of shoes are all together.

2. Can support color pick pick pick code section?

Many miscellaneous shoe styles, pick paragraph does not pick the color support. Size we will ship according to how big yards north, south how small yards. Styles and colors as much as possible we will send.

3. Miscellaneous shoes 12 yuan and 10 yuan have nay difference?

The quality of a penny stock. 12 yuan is certainly better than the 10 yuan.

4.12 yuan is probably What kind of shoes?

12 yuan zone with big brand shoes, new shoes, platform shoes, high shoes mostly.

5.12 yuan is platform shoes it?

13 yuan is not all are platform shoes, there will be a thin-soled shoes.

6.10 yuan is probably What kind of shoes?

10 yuan thin soled shoes, more broken code, style in general, the majority of non-well-known brands.

7. I know that you will not ruffle 10 yuan to 12 yuan into hybrid models sell shoes?

We have a dedicated staff miscellaneous shoes classification. Miscellaneous 10 yuan and 12 yuan shoes have differences in terms of purchase price or brand, style. Miscellaneous shoes trading is based on mutual trust.

8. Your hybrid models are the only shipment or frequently updated models?

We do all year round Miscellaneous shoes. Style update soon, almost every two days will be back quantities of miscellaneous shoes from factory inside.

9. Miscellaneous your shoes probably-what yardage?

Based on our years of experience in the shoe industry inventory, miscellaneous shoes are generally broken code. As only 39 yards and 35 yards, only 38 yards, only 36 yards ....

Of course, there are some yardage better as only 36-38. ..

10. Miscellaneous your shoes are not defective shoes?

Miscellaneous Shoes and defective shoes are not a type.

Miscellaneous Shoes shoes belong inventory processing, non-defective.

The main feature is the code number of missing, incomplete color, however, and stock shoes like, do not dismiss the possibility of defects, perfectionist careful purchase

According to our experience of doing miscellaneous shoes, miscellaneous other flaw shoes shoes sold a little more than online. Defective rate is about 5% We do not recommend the initial shoemaking business customers order

11. We received the shoes, the shoes are very well last time, this time there are twelve pairs ruffle defective shoes?

Our shoes are all seized impossible! We are not retail, we can only try to do our best

Miscellaneous Shoes defective part is normal. We are not a delivery time of both inspections.

We pick up the goods from the factory are hundreds of pieces. Goods into the warehouse, they also can not do quality control.

But can affirm that we do all year round Miscellaneous shoes, not intentionally as charged, it will not intentionally defective plug a few pairs of shoes to the cargo inside the customer ordered.

Based on our experience to do all year round Miscellaneous shoes, miscellaneous other types of shoes sold defective rate on the web, about 5% of our students and especially do not recommend discerning customers buy miscellaneous shoes.

12. Miscellaneous similar online wholesale shoes prices are high and low, you only sell 12 yuan WHY?

Given the price we refer to the purchase cost and the wholesale price of similar shoes on the market. Can sell price would be so low, mainly due to our sales and often purchase large quantities from manufacturers. The entire single shoe price is relatively high and the customer wants in a style, even a relatively large number of financial pressure on the color. We introduced hybrid models shoes precisely want to do in terms of price and style colors have a better combination. We do not say we sell How unitary miscellaneous shoes of good quality, the customers get from a picture point of view, but also from the cooperation we have repeatedly purchase felt. We do not do the kind of low price of miscellaneous shoes stall at this price, I I believe you can find the best smart in our supply.

13. How do you give me with the code?

Miscellaneous shoes, style many colors, does not support the color pick pick pick paragraph code. Hair style and color as much as possible. Miscellaneous shoes with no clear code, women canvas shoes size 40, little or no.

35-40 is small with: 3536 yards a little more with more, less with 3,940 yards, 40 yards as much as possible with the larger unworthy 35-40: 3536 yards with less, a little more with some 39 yards, 40 yards of it Probably not. (manufacturers of single shoes size 35-39 when more rarely size 36-40.) If there are 40 yards stock now, we try to match the '35 -40 larger 'orders to some 40 yards.

14. How many pairs from the grant?

2, which is 60 pairs from the grant, the profit is too low, 2 boxes from the grant.

15. There are a number of box styles it?

This should be based on the customer's order, the general one-time order more, more style, less one-time ordering fewer styles. For example, a 60 pairs of orders, there were only shoes, 60 pairs of small quantity, style 600 pairs of orders would surely be less, but we generally have a box inside a paragraph 4-7. Carton money there will be repeated, when rationing, we try to give them more styles and colors, the purpose is to make our customers sell.

16. I was sent these style pictures on it?

Not necessarily. Miscellaneous frequently updated, is part of the style of the whole of our hybrid models on the picture, all pictures of the heavy workload, with Ali's page to see the full release out to customers is not realistic, but certainly can tell you is that Our products are good value!

17. I am not yet photographed the message, you do not ruffle my message to picking it?

Miscellaneous shoes, does not support the election shall choose color election code, but if simple request can also communicate with the customer what can be done, then support the message, do not private messages, some of which we can not do, then the customer will teach you how to leave a message It is the most scientific and reflects the warehouse worker there!

18. Can I return it?

Miscellaneous shoes do not support the return for any reason, ask students to customers, the initial shoemaking business customers attention.

The following are some miscellaneous shoes show warehouse stacked high, most of the products failed to take pictures, long-term update inventory hybrid models