Ruda professional manufacture of river sand pump

Ruda professional manufacture of river sand pump

Product description:

Ruda professional manufacture of river sand pump Motor and pump shaft into the medium of hydraulic machinery, the pump parts made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy material, has good wear resistance, flow channel, suitable for transporting silt containing large solid particles, pulp, coal, gravel and other media. This series of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology design and manufacturing, water pumps, except the outer bottom of the impeller impeller, sediment sludge can be sprayed into the turbulent, is pumping in high concentration transportation without the accessories. Unique sealing device can effectively balance oil inside and outside pressure, maximum protection of the reliability of mechanical seal, motor overheating protection, water detection and protection and other protective measures, in the long-term safe operation under harsh working conditions.

Structure features:
1. the machine for dry-type pump, motor oil Chamber seals, equipped with mechanical seals, can effectively prevent high pressure water and impurities into the motor cavity.
2. in addition to outside the primary impeller, impeller, will sink to the bottom of the sludge into turbulent mixing extracted.
3. impeller and impeller parts manufactured with high hardness high chromium cast steel, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, blowdown ability, through large solid particles.
4. the motor into the underwater, without suction lift restrictions, high absorption rate, cleaning more thoroughly.
5. the equipment simplified, not equipped with auxiliary Stirrers or injection device, easy to operate, total investment is lower.
6. the impeller directly close to the sediment surface through deep concentration control. In medium heavy cases you can install additional assistive devices, increased media concentration.
Conditions of use:
1. power supply for 50Hz or 60Hz/230V/380V/415V/660V/1440V, three-phase AC power, capacity is 2-3 times the rated capacity of the distribution transformer.
2. medium temperature shall not exceed 60 ° c,-r does not exceed 110 degrees, does not contain flammable and explosive gas.
3. the maximum weight of solids concentration in the media: Ash 45%, slag is 60%.
4. the unit depth: not more than 50 metres, submerged motor minimum submergence prevail.
5. the unit work in the medium position is vertical, top hung position.
Scope of application:
1. River, River, Lake, sea bottom sand.
2. River, River, Lake, sea, reservoir, pond, power plants, such as water silt and sand.
3. the lessons of all kinds of stone processing plant powder slurry.
4. the tailing haulage, tail sand mining, pulp, pulp, coal slurry, slag, slag treatment.
5. learning from various water operations and processing of various solid paste items.
6. learning from the caisson, the well in the mud.
7. the sedimentation tanks, hydropower stations, reservoirs, rivers, plants, caisson, mine, fish ponds and sediment cleanup.
8. power plant fly ash, coal slime.
9. variety of corundum, quartz sand, slag, cinders of solids.
10. transport sediment containing large solid particles, pulp, coal, gravel and other media.
11. Gold sand, pumping iron.
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