New and efficient sludge pumps, high temperature mud pump, sand pump

New and efficient sludge pumps, high temperature mud pump, sand pump

Product description:

New and efficient sludge pumps, high temperature mud pump, sand pump used to extract sand, silt, sea sand, silt, tailing slurry, ore, iron sands, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ports and other pumping sand dredging project, but also with industrial and mining enterprises in the sand steel mills, power plants, iron ore plant, oil and other sedimentation tank cleanup, sewage treatment plants and other precipitates.

Structural features:
1. Machine for the dry-type pump, motor with oil chamber seal way, equipped with mechanical seal, can effectively prevent the high-pressure water and impurities into the motor cavity.
2. In addition to the main impeller, there are stirring impeller, capable of sludge deposited on the bottom of the stirred into turbulence after extracted.
3. impeller and stirring impeller flow components using high hardness high chrome cast steel, wear, corrosion, sewage capacity, through a larger solid particles.
4. Motor submerged, without suction lift limit, high slag suction dredging is more thorough.
5. simplify overall device without ejecting apparatus equipped with a stirring device or an auxiliary, simple operation, a total investment of unit lowered.
6. stirring impeller direct contact deposition surface, by controlling the concentration of dive depth. In the case of major media than by the installation of assistive devices, increasing media concentration.

Conditions of Use:
1. The power of 50Hz or 60Hz / 230V / 380V / 415V / 660V / 1440V, three-phase AC power supply, power distribution transformers with a capacity of 2-3 times the motor rated capacity.
2. The medium temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, R type does not exceed 110 ℃, not including the inflammable gas.
3. The maximum weight concentration of solid particles in the medium: 45% ash, slag was 60%.
4. Unit diving depth: Not more than 60 m The minimum diving depth to submerged motor prevail.
5. Units in the medium work for the vertical position, the upper suspension positioning.

1. draw rivers, lakes, sea and other underwater sand.
2. draw underwater silt rivers, lakes, sea, reservoirs, ponds, power plants, etc., and sand.
3. draw powder slurries of various stone processing plant.
4. The tailings transport, a variety of end sands, slurry, pulp, coal slurry, slag, slag processing.
5. draw a variety of aqueous slurry of various solid slurry processing job items.

6. draw caisson wells in the mud.
7. sedimentation tanks, hydropower, reservoirs, rivers, steel mills, power plants, caisson, mines, ponds sediment cleanup.

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