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Submersible pumping sand pump

Submersible pumping sand pump
  • Submersible pumping sand pump
  • Submersible pumping sand pump
  • Submersible pumping sand pump
  • Submersible pumping sand pump
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Submersible pumping sand pump Mainly by the pump. Motors, seals and a stirring device combination of four major components, the bottom of the mixing device can stir minced mud, sand blocks and other debris, and play the role of booster impeller, thereby increasing the stability and efficiency of the delivery of the impeller jacket and impeller and the gap between the shield can be adjusted to maintain high efficiency work to change the common seal sealing two series of three Carbide seal can form a better balance of indoor and outdoor oil pressure, maximum Protection of the mechanical seal reliability, using a variety of protective measures motor overheating protection, water protection, detection, capable of working in harsh conditions of long-term safe operation. CONSERVANCY part of advanced design methods and multiple test phase demonstration phase combine to give efficient performance curve pattern, greatly improving the efficiency of the pump.

Structural features:
1, the whole of the dry pump type, motor with oil chamber seal way, equipped with mechanical seal, can effectively prevent the high-pressure water and impurities into the motor cavity.
2, the pump seal oil chamber with high precision interference leakage detection sensors embedded in the stator windings of the thermal components, automatic protection of pump motor.
3, stirring impeller directly approaching deposition surface, by controlling the concentration of dive depth. In the case of major media than by the installation of assistive devices, increasing media concentration.
4, no auxiliary pumps with investment more affordable.
5, the flow components of the geometry of the flow in line with the state media, reducing the eddy and impact other local and hydraulic losses along the way, so as to reduce the flow components wear, improved hydraulic efficiency, reduce operating noise and vibration.
6, the pressure within the allowable range, multi-level series.
1, sedimentation tanks, hydropower, reservoirs, rivers, plants, caisson, mine, fish pond sediment cleanup.
2, gold sand, pumping iron ore.
3, to learn a variety of solid articles of various aqueous slurry paste job processing.
4, draw caisson wells in the mud.
5, coastal land reclamation.
6, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, harbor dredging.
7, tailings delivery, various mine tailings, slurry, pulp, coal slurry, slag, slag processing.
Performance parameters:
Head: 3-65 (m)
Diameter: 50-400 (mm)
Medium temperature: ≤80 ℃ general heat resistant up to 140 ℃
The solid weight of the mixture concentration: Mortar concentration ≤45% pulp density ≤60%
Speed: Direct drive motor 2900/1480/980 r / min
Traffic: 10-2200 (m3 / h) Factory-made Hotline: 15666286494 0634-6588011 QQ: 2659709581