Industrial sewage pumps, slagging pumps, sludge pumps, pumping sand pump

Industrial sewage pumps, slagging pumps, sludge pumps, pumping sand pump

Product description:

Industrial sewage pumps, slagging pumps, sludge pumps, pumping sand pump

Axial suction, single-stage single-suction centrifugal slurry pump, which pumps in the structural design and the wear, corrosion-resistant materials with respect, comprehensive application of the advantages of similar products at home and abroad and innovation. So with high efficiency, low noise reliable operation, abrasion resistant, vibration small, long life, easy maintenance, easy to move, low cost, and its overall performance reached the international advanced level within and also adopted in the form of factory direct, eliminating the intermediate dealers, greatly reduce the operating cost of sales, better guarantee the interests of the majority of use.

Structural features:

Overall equipment is simple, without injection device equipped with a stirring device or an auxiliary, simple operation, a total investment of unit lowered.

Producing an alloy material 2, impeller and stirring impeller flow components using high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, sewage capacity, through a larger solid particles.

3, in addition to the main impeller, there are stirring impeller, capable of sludge deposited on the bottom of the stirred into turbulence after extracted.

4, stirring impeller directly approaching deposition surface, by controlling the concentration of dive depth.

5, motor submerged, without suction lift limit, high slag suction dredging is more thorough.

6, torn bodies to the fiber material torn, cut, then smooth emissions, no need to add the filter pump, and will not appear clogging.


1, coal cinder, coal, coal slurry removal.

2, coastal land reclamation.

3, iron and steel plant blast furnace slag, slag transport.

4, concentrator tailings, slag, slurry transportation.

5, rivers and lakes and other waters pumping sand.

6, slurry transport material contains various impurities.

7, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, harbor dredging.

Conditions of Use:

1, the power supply is 50Hz, 60Hz / 230V, capacity 380V, 415V, 660V three-phase AC power distribution transformer is 2-3 times the motor rated capacity.

2, the crew working in the media for the vertical position, working status is continuous.

3 crew diving depth: less than 60 m.

4, the medium maximum weight concentration of solid particles: 45% ash, slag was 60%.

5, the medium temperature not exceeding 80 ℃, R-type (high temperature) does not exceed 140 ℃, free of explosive gases.

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