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Sediment submersible pump

Sediment submersible pump
  • Sediment submersible pump
  • Sediment submersible pump
  • Sediment submersible pump
  • Sediment submersible pump
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Sediment submersible pump

The selection of products, advanced structure, wide flow channel, through strong, widely used in water conservancy, chemical, oil, mining, shipbuilding, metallurgy, coal, electricity, building materials, chemicals, mining, municipal environmental protection and river dredging and other enterprises, for conveying the liquid containing solid particles of abrasive sand, mud, impurities, slime, sludge, cinders, tailings, which contain as: hydraulic ash thermal power plants, metallurgical concentrator slurry transportation, coal preparation plant coal slurry and heavy medium conveying and other weight maximum allowable concentration slurry transport: ash (slag) slurry and coal slurry 45%; 60% pulp, mud, silt, silt, sludge, ore, sand and the like.

Material: high wear-resistant chromium alloy.

Alias: Submersible pumping sand pumps, submersible sand suction pumps, submersible sand pumps, submersible slurry pump.
Use: pumping sand, mud, ash, solid powder and other large and small particles.
Features: wear resistance, free passage, simple and easy to use, operate.

Structural features:
1, the overall apparatus is simple, without auxiliary injection device equipped with a stirring device or, simple operation, a total investment of unit lowered.
2, runner spacious, good anti-clogging performance, superior cavitation performance.
3, flow components using special materials, wear good corrosion resistance, with a special process for seawater ash and seawater and salt spray electrochemical corrosion conditions.
4, the impeller and stirring impeller flow components using high hardness high chrome cast steel, wear, corrosion, sewage capacity, can absorb larger particles.
5, the rotation direction of the pump: imports direction as viewed from the impeller rotates counterclockwise.
6, pump seals with carbide mechanical seal.

Product Usage:
1, the steel plant blast furnace slag, slag transport.
2, coal cinder, coal, coal slurry removal.
3, conveying other media containing large solid particles.
4, steel sedimentation tanks, sedimentation tanks concentrator, power plant coal Shen pond, oxidation ditch wastewater treatment plant settling ponds cleanup.
5, coastal land reclamation.
6, rivers and lakes and other waters pumping sand.
7, power plant fly ash, coal, coal slurry transportation.

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