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Ruda pumping sand pump river in Sichuan usage

Ruda pumping sand pump river in Sichuan usage
  • Ruda pumping sand pump river in Sichuan usage
  • Ruda pumping sand pump river in Sichuan usage
  • Ruda pumping sand pump river in Sichuan usage
  • Ruda pumping sand pump river in Sichuan usage
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Ruda pumping sand pump river in Sichuan usage

A detailed description:

Pumping sand pump
This series of sediment pump absorption of foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology, integrated motor and pump coaxial sneaked media work, over-current components (including pump, pump cover and impeller) are made of high wear-resistant materials, can withstand solid particles erosion, water pump impeller addition to increasing external main bottom set mixing impeller, can spray the deposited sludge into turbulent strike, so that the pump delivery to achieve high concentrations in the absence of auxiliary device case, not only improve the transport efficiency of the pump, but also to improve the pressure at the inlet can be done long-distance transport.

Pumping sand pump Features:
1, the whole of the dry pump type, motor with oil chamber seal way, equipped with mechanical seal, can effectively prevent the high-pressure water and impurities into the motor cavity.
2, the series of pump flow components using high chrome cast steel high hardness, the material having a high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, making it increasing life expectancy.
3, using oil lubrication metric bearings, lubrication and cooling systems set reasonable, keep the bearings running at low temperatures.
4, the shaft seal the pump has packing, mechanical seal.
5, the overall structure is compact, small size, low noise, energy-saving effect is remarkable, easy maintenance, no need to build pumping stations, poured into the water to work, greatly reducing the project cost.
6, using modern CAD design methods, excellent hydraulic performance, high efficiency and low wear rate.

Pumping sand pump Uses:
1, for a liquid containing solid particles of abrasive sand, cinder, tailings and other transportation contain.
2, can be used for sand mining industry of steel mills, power plants, iron ore plant, oil and other sedimentation tank cleanup, sewage treatment plants and other precipitates.
3, sedimentation tanks, hydropower, reservoirs, rivers, plants, caisson, mine, fish pond sediment cleanup.
4, to learn underwater silt rivers, lakes, sea, reservoirs, ponds, power plants, etc., and sand.
5, tailings delivery, various mine tailings, slurry, pulp, coal slurry, slag, slag processing.
6, to learn all kinds of stone powder slurry processing plant.
7, draw rivers, lakes, sea and other underwater sand.
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