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(EPCOS) B88069X4880S102 switch N81-A90X 90V

(EPCOS) B88069X4880S102 switch N81-A90X 90V
  • (EPCOS) B88069X4880S102 switch N81-A90X 90V
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model N81-A90X
Order Code B88069X4880S102
Nominal DC spark discharge voltage (VDC) 90
Nominal discharge current pulse / AC (kA / A) 10/10
Size D * L ( mm ) 8*6
Pulsed spark discharge voltage (@ 1KV / US) (600
Tolerance ±20%
Over-voltage and surge current damage caused by even destroy communications equipment and data transmission systems, and does not exclude the possibility of personal injury. Such overvoltage may be caused by the following factors .
1 ) from the atmospheric discharge ( lightning )
2 ) inductive coupling from power lines, for example, induced by the on-off
3 ) communication lines and power lines in direct contact
4 ) Electrostatic Discharge
Gas discharge tubes provide the best protection in the above case. Gas discharge tube can limit overvoltage quickly and safely to a safe level and reliable exclusion dangerous currents .

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