2014 New model DVB-T2 8902 HD PVR Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver HDMI DVB T2 Tuner 1080P Mstar 7816

2014 New model DVB-T2 8902 HD PVR Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver HDMI DVB T2 Tuner 1080P Mstar 7816

Product description:

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: OEM Model Number: DVB-T2 8902
Color: black/ white powerful single Chip: MSD7816 Subtitle: support
Automatic conversion: PAL/ NTSC MPEG4/ H. 264: yes disply mode: 1080i/ 720p/ 570p/ 576i/ 480p
output: HDMI, SCART, USB FTA+USB+PVR: yes AV port: yes
SCATR port: yes

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: gife box
Delivery Detail: 3-15 working days after payment


hd dvb-t2 set top box receiver
-Full hd dvb-t2 tv receiver
-Unique design
-MPEG2&MPEG-4 H. 264 decoding
-Built-in IR rece

European standard DVB-T2 HD PVR Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver HDMI DVB T2 Tuner 1080P Mstar 7816

pls.check whether your country can use this item before you buy it. thank you!


1. RF tuner & DVB-T2 Channel Complied Standard ETSI EN302755V

(1) Input impedance 75?
(2) Modulation COFDM: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM
(3) Frequency VHF (174-230 MHz) -optional, UHF (470-806 MHz)
(4) Input signal level 36~85dB?V
(5) FEC coding LDPC Code + BCH Code, Code rates: 1 / 2, 3/5, 2/3.

3 / 4. 4/5, 5/6
(6) FFT Size 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K.
(7) C/ N range (Rice channel) 3dB (QPSK 1/2) to 24dB (256QAM 5/6)
(8) Pilot Pattern PP1 to PP8
(9) Guard intervals 1/128, 1/32, 1/16, 19/256, 1/8, 19/128, 1/4.
(10) Channel raster 7 MHz (VHF) , 8 MHz (UHF) , 1.7 MHz (VHF) -

(11) Signal Bandwidth 1.54 (optional) , 6.66, 7.61 MHz (Normal

mode) ,1.57. (optional) , 6.80, 7.77 MHz (Extended mode)
(12) Service specific robustness Physical Layer Pipes (PLP)
(13) Interleaving Bit + Cell +Time + Frequency
(14) Diversity SISI, MISO. (SIMO, MIMI if diversity receiver)
(15) Rotated constellations Significant robustness gain in channels

with severe degradations (multipath, SFN operation, narrow

band interference?)
(16) Mode of Extensions Future Extension Frame (FEF)
(17) Max Bit Rates (8MHz) 50.3 Mbit/ s. (32Ke, 256QAM, CR=5/6.

GI=1/28, PP7)
(18) Used Bit Rates (8MHz) Portable SFN: 25.0Mbit/ s, Fixed SFN: 37.0Mbit/ s.
(19) Fixed MFN: 40.2 Mbit/ s
(20) GE06 compatible Signal is under the mask of DVB-T (power level

measured in a 4 KHz bandwidth)
2. MPEG Transmission stream anh video and Audio Decoding
(1) Transmission stream MPEG-2 ISO/ IEC 13818
(2) Video decoding MPEG-2/ MPEG 4 AVC (H. 264) , 1920X1080 (High

(3) Aspect Ratio (image rate) 4: 3, 16: 9
(4) Frame frequency 25Hz (PAL)
(5) Video Resolution 720X576 (PAL) -standard definition.
(6) Audio decoding MPEG/ MusiCam Layer I & II / HE AAC

(7) Audio mode Single track/ dual track/ stereo
(8) Audio sampling rate 32KHz, 44.1KHz 48KHz. , 96 KHz (optional)
3. Scanning function

(1) The STB should include a frequency scanning function to detect the

availability of DVB-T signals.
(2) It should also automatically list the content of the terrestrial bouquet
by reading the PSI/ SI streams and
(3) Be capable of programme memory in case of cut off
4. Quality reception thresholds All STBs should have an on-screen

visual signal level indicator which would aid in directing the

antenna and troubleshooting reception problems.
5. Software

(1) EPG: current and next programme information. 24x7 days schedule.
(2) Capable of the Identity control, watch rating and parental lock
(3) Auto/ manual tuning
(4) 24-hour clock
(5) OTA: STB software?s, EPG must be upgradable over the air.

(USB Upgrade-optional)
(6) Support Receive mail
(7) Provides the instant and personalized message prompt
(8) Display and withdrawal of subtitles
(9) Support multi-language info
6. Teletext & Teletext subtitle

(1) It is able to display Teletext using the OSD and/ or by the insertion of

the Teletext data in the VBI of the analogue CVBS video output.

(2) It is able to display Teletext subtitling, meeting the requirements for

level 1.5 in ref. (ETS 300 706, Enhanced Teletext Specification')
7. Interfaces

(1) RF input connector: IEC 169-2 female, input impedance 75 ohms
(2) One RCA (CINCH) female connector for video output and Two RCA

(CINCH) female connectors for stereo sound output
(3) RF by pass (loop) IEC 169-2 male
(4) RF input via a PAL-G modulator
(5) SCART interface (optional)
(6) HDMI interface (optional)
(7) Should include at least one RF cable to connect the unit with its

associated analogue television receiver. plugged into the set top box.
8. Physical attributes Power supply AC 240±10%, 50 ±1Hz
9. Environmental attributes Operating Temperature 0~ 45°

COperating humidity Upto 90%
10. Reliability MTBF 80000Hrs

Package Included:

1x DVB-T2 Receiver

1x Adapter

1x Connect cable

1x Remote control

1x English Manual