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B-type shut-off valve

B-type shut-off valve
  • B-type shut-off valve
  • B-type shut-off valve
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name: B-type shut-off valve
Numbering: 8002


Materials: stainless steel
product detailed information

Applications and features:

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Functions: opening and cut off pipeline system

Application areas: petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water treatment and other industries


1, the working stroke is small, open and close a short time;

2, small size, simple structure, manufacturing and maintenance more convenient;

3, sealing, small friction between the sealing surface, longer life expectancy;

working principle:

Applying a handwheel drive the stem downward pressure, valve sealing surface on the valve seat sealing surface fit closely to prevent medium flow

Technical Parameters:

Nominal Diameter: DN15-DN50

Nominal pressure: PN16

Temperature: 0 ° -120 °

Suitable medium: water, oil, gas, etc.

Test Standard: GB / T 13927-2008

typical application:

1, water plant and water works

2, environmental protection

3, municipal facilities

4, Power & Utilities

5, the construction industry

Material of main parts:

Part Name







stainless steel

stainless steel

stainless steel

cast iron


Installation instructions:

1) the ratings on the rating parameters and product equipment requirements expressed were compared, to ensure that products meet the required rated flow requirements;

2) need to be trained installation personnel, experienced in order to ensure the successful completion of the installation work;

3) After the end of the installation need to be thoroughly examined to ensure that the installation is correct;

4) ensure that the installation work does not appear any accident, before the product is installed on the pipe system needs a thorough cleaning (using chemical agents if necessary) to ensure a clean piping system, no rust and dirt before rinsing required to remove all to ensure that the pipeline flow filtration devices;

5) suggested equipment installed at the temporary pipeline installation pipeline system at the initial cleaning, rinse until after the completion of the equipment installed on the pipeline;

6) Note Do not use the device in place directly contain more fat, high viscosity mineral oil, or corrosive;

7) Use standard threaded fittings to connect;

8) When installing, please pay attention to the flow direction of the media need to be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the body;


ZK-J11W-16P stainless steel globe valve type B

Connecting dimensions: GB / T 7306.1