Horizontal check valve H14W

Horizontal check valve H14W

Product description:

name: Horizontal check valve H14W
Numbering: 8112


Materials: stainless steel
product detailed information

Applications and features:

Function: to rely on the flow of the medium itself automatically open and close the valve, to prevent the media back;

Application areas: petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water treatment;

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1, fluid resistance

2, the valve closed quickly

3, sensitive, good sealing performance

4, long life, high reliability

How it works: When the medium according to a predetermined direction of flow, the role of the media by the force of the valve is open;

When media countercurrent, rely on their own media flow itself quickly shut down, to prevent the media countercurrent purposes.

Technical Parameters:

Nominal diameter: DN15-50

Nominal pressure: PN16

Temperature: -10 ° -180 °

Suitable medium: water, oil, gas

Design Standards: GB / T 13932-92

Test Standard: GB / T 13927-2008

typical application:

1, water and environmental water project

2, environmental protection

3, municipal facilities

4, Power & Utilities

5, the construction industry

6, petroleum, chemical

7, steel, metallurgy

8, the paper industry

Material of main parts:

Part Name






stainless steel

stainless steel

stainless steel


Installation instructions:

1, the ratings on the rating parameters and equipment requirements for labeling products were compared, to ensure that required to meet the requirements;

2, installers need is trained and experienced to ensure the successful completion of the installation work;

3, after the end of the installation need to be thoroughly examined to ensure that the installation is correct;

4, in order to ensure that the installation work does not appear any accident, before the product is installed on the piping system needs a thorough cleaning (using chemical agents if necessary) to ensure a clean piping system, no rust and dirt, need to be removed before flushing All filtering devices to ensure smooth pipeline;

5, the proposed pipeline equipment installed at the temporary pipeline installation at system initial wash, rinse until after work is completed the equipment installed on the pipeline;

6, using standard connection flanges and fasteners;

7. When installing, please pay attention to moderation in the way the East is consistent with the valve body in the direction of the arrow needs;