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Float valve type B

Float valve type B
  • Float valve type B
  • Float valve type B
  • Float valve type B
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name: Float valve type B
Numbering: 8009


Materials: stainless steel
product detailed information

Stainless steel ball valve 8009

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Applications and features:

Function: to regulate the use of float floating liquid level, we always maintain the liquid level.

Application areas: industrial enterprises and residential construction water tank, pool or water tanks and other occasions.


1, compact structure, reliable sealing;

2, simple structure, easy maintenance;

3, through the float control valve opening and closing, to ensure that the water level inside the tank and always maintain a high degree setting;

4, the valve seal with spherical contact seals

working principle:

Use floating float principle, led to the floating of the club campaign to push the piston and the valve inlet in close contact, the greater the buoyancy of the float, the greater the force of the horizontal movement of the piston, to be completely blocked when the piston plug into the outlet, the valve outlet is no longer water, once the level drops, the piston loose, fluid flow into the inlet there, until the liquid level rises, and repeat the cycle.

typical application:

Industrial enterprises and residential building water tanks, pool or water tank;

Installation instructions:

1, transportation and installation of the valve should be avoided bump, prevent damage accessories;

2, the float valve should be washed before installation of water supply network, eliminating the pipeline sediment, gravel and other debris;

3, the installation should pay attention to the direction of flow and export, and left around the valve maintenance space, easy accessibility;

4, the float valve should be installed at the entrance gate or ball, to facilitate maintenance;

5, imported hydraulic main valve should not exceed 1.0MPa;

6, when the valve is installed to adjust the position of the product outlet, the outlet facing down;

7, the valve should be checked regularly to maintain clean the filters in the debris;

Technical Parameters:

Nominal diameter: 1 / 2'-4 '

Working pressure: 0.6MPa

Float diameter: 100mm-420mm

Fluid medium: water, oil

Material of main parts:

Part Name




Sealing disk




stainless steel

stainless steel



stainless steel

stainless steel


Connecting dimensions: GB / T 7306.1