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Jin Hua | crystal frame Epoxy 312AB-6

Jin Hua | crystal frame Epoxy 312AB-6
  • Jin Hua | crystal frame Epoxy 312AB-6
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Epoxy 312AB-6

First, use instructions

Epoxy 312 AB-6 is at room temperature and low temperature curing epoxy adhesive, leveling good, natural defoaming, high hardness, no ripples, no glue run at room temperature or heat curable. Dedicated to jewelry drops plastic, signs, cards, crafts, lighting, light strip casting and mold perfusion and other electronic components insulation, moisture potting, cover letters and other confidential.

Second, the nature ago harden

Main agent 312A-6 hardener 312B-6

Color: colorless, transparent colorless, transparent

Weight: 1.15 0.96

Viscosity 25 ℃: 2000-4000CPS100MAX

Third, the use conditions

1) mixing ratio: A: B = 100: 33 (weight ratio)

2) Curing conditions: 25 ℃ * 8H-10H or 50 ℃ * 1.5H (2g)

3) Use Time: 25 ℃ * 40min (100g)

The use of methods

1. Working environment: Sheng plastic containers Keep clean, A, B groups were strictly weight ratio, accurately weighed, in a clockwise stir evenly along the vessel wall to stand 3-5 minutes before use.

The operating time and the amount of the deployment of the glue, to avoid wastage. When the temperature is below 15 ℃, please be A plastic preheated to 30 ℃ and then be adjusted glue, easy to operate (low temperature glue will thicken when A ); required sealing lid after use to avoid moisture absorption and cause product obsolescence.

3. When the relative humidity is greater than 85%, the cured surface easily absorb moisture in the air, forming a layer of white mist, so when the relative humidity is greater than 85%, not suitable for room temperature curing, heat curing is recommended.

Fifth, after the hardening properties

1) Hardness: shore D (82

2) Withstanding Voltage: KV / mm 22

3) Flexural strength: Kg / mm2 23

4) Volume resistivity: Ohm3 1x1015

5) Surface resistance: Ohmm2 5X1015

6) Thermal conductivity: W / M.K 0.61

7) dielectric loss: 1KHZ 0.42

8) heat-resistant temperature: ℃ 140

9) Water absorption:% (0.15

10) Compressive strength: Kg / mm2 13.4

Performance data is at a temperature above 25 ℃, humidity of 70% typical data measured in the laboratory environment, only for reference.