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EVALED 200W beam lamp fixtures

EVALED 200W beam lamp fixtures
  • EVALED 200W beam lamp fixtures
Product code: 25488500001
Unit price: 2900 CNY  (421.65 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Detailed description

Technical Parameters
`Switching power supply options: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz;
`Power: 320V 350W 50Hz;
`Size: 405x345x 475mm
`Weight: 16.5Kg


`Lamp Type: Philips MSD Platinum 5R or YODN 5R

`Power: 200W luminous flux of 7950lm, color temperature up to 8000K, the service life of 2000 hours

`Optics: 3 lens lens group, the zoom 0 ° -3.9 ° Electronic focusing; 20 meters 50000LUX;
`Two kinds of channel mode: 16 international standard DMX512 channels and 20 international standard DMX512 channel;
`Horizontal scan: 540 ° (16bit precision scanning);
`Vertical scan: 280 ° (16bit precision scanning);
`Color wheel: 14 pluggable type color film + white, with bi-directional rotation of the rainbow effect;
`Rotating gobo wheel: 17 pluggable type of rotating gobos + white circle, with pattern jitter and pattern function arbitrary positioning; pluggable type color film
`Prism plate: 8 prism, can reverse the direction of rotation, and there is a prism positioning function; choose random strobe and pulse strobe;
`Dimming: 0% -100% linear dimmer;
`Atomization: 0% -100% linear atomization; beautiful blue LCD using wear Jun wheel to select menu, convenient;
`Electronic ballast options: to make products lighter, more brightness, light bulbs and more stable, more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.