Yali photoelectric EL-LED036F Four head wash light

Yali photoelectric EL-LED036F Four head wash light

Product description:

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    Yali photoelectric
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Basic parameters


450 W

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Detailed description

10W * 36颗Four LED Head Light
EL-LED036F LED moving head light, combined with energy saving LED lamp beads features, high efficiency constant current technology and the latest cooling technology, while using 36 Edison power high brightness 1W / 3WLED power LED lamp beads made ​​of this computer moving lights, super brightness, comparable to the general discharge bubble, rich and splendid colors emitted by LED light tube, having a strobe, RGBW mixing dimming, RGBW water effects, appearance, use of advanced switching power supply for large buildings shop light rendering or stage lighting requirements of various concerts, such that it can be applied to any environment, so powerful, no doubt making the best choice for indoor and outdoor lighting.