Product description:

Excellent Performance Data Resulting in Reduced Life Cycle Cost

New filter medias were developed for HYDAC's new Betamicron ? 4 filter elements. Due to the two or three stage filter
media structures, highest contamination retention, highest Beta efficiencies and stability, and
favorable ?p/ Q characteristics are achieved.
Longer element service life and energy cost savings due to particularly low pressure losses across the element
Better component protection and longer system service life due to improved Beta efficiency
Technical Data ?Collapse burst pressure
?Low pressure differential: 290 psid (17 bar) - BN4HC
?High pressure differential: 3045 psid (210 bar) - BH4HC
?Filter element ratings: 3, 5, 10, 20 μm

Betamicron? 4 Innovations ?Optimized mesh pack structure with newly developed filter media, support, and transition layers
?Improved performance data (optimized Beta efficiency, contamination retention, ? p/ Q characteristics, and Beta stability)
?Patented process for longitudinal seam bonding increases seam integrity
?Element plastic components have been made conductive to aid in static discharge
?Use of spiral lock seam support tubes lowers element weight
?Element outer wraps are made of plastic (polyester) to reduce environmental impact and improve fatigue resistance