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pvc inflatable beach ball

pvc inflatable beach ball
  • pvc inflatable beach ball
  • pvc inflatable beach ball
  • pvc inflatable beach ball
  • pvc inflatable beach ball
Product code: 25488000001
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Minimum order: 1000
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You have seen some of our products, and our company should also have some understanding of our products, we may not be found in the product shown in allowing you to completely satisfied with the products, but since you visit this shop, you must be demand, our company will certainly be suitable for your product, I worked in the industry for a long time, please let me know the purpose and details of the product you need, we will try to provide you with quality service.

Our company (with Dan Co., Ltd.) is specialized in producing PVC, TPU inflatable products manufacturers, specializing in the production of major products include:

Inflatable Water Sport, inflatable beach items, inflatable household items, inflatable advertising promotional gifts, inflatable holiday items, large inflatable animal products, inflatable gift, inflatable car travel articles and so on.

Contact: Wang Jie (Sales Manager)

Tel: 13122929961

QQ: 378534714

E-mail: 378534714@qq.com

The company since the plant opened in 2008 in the 'rationalization system, humane management' management philosophy, follow the 'honesty, quality first' operating principles, and constantly improve product quality and continue to improve service quality, to provide customer satisfaction operational quality, in order to achieve respect for the customer to create a win-win state.

The company's advanced production technology, leading technology, with strict quality control, leading and highly experienced industry technology, accurate delivery time, very competitive prices, improved sales service system, whether large or small quantities of orders batch and variety of customers, we will make your liking. Company's production of PVC, TPU plastic inflatable products are exported to Europe, the Americas and Asia nearly 50 countries and regions above medium, the business scope has covered the globe.
We sincerely welcome friends and guests from five continents seas, to visit our factory, business negotiations.

I now have a factory area of ​​3,000 square meters, more than 200 workers, with high frequency heat 5KW to 50KW frequency machine more than 50 units, with operating various machines more than a skilled and experienced professional and technical elite workers, can undertake Large, medium and small companies of different products factory has:

Business Unit: (professional quotations, orders, with the single to shipping so that each customer satisfaction assured)

Development Department: (according to provide customers with product images, product size or design of the required sample Customers Products)

Purchasing Department: (guests after confirmation design sample orders, in accordance with the request of the required materials and parts procurement)

Molding Department: (making the production of the desired mold)

Cutting unit: (crop production needs materials for silk screen printing)

Department of silk screen: (after the silk screen printing molding for the production of the Department)

Production: (Production according to customer requirements to produce finished goods seized sent inflatable portion 100 percent inspection)

Department of seized goods: (seized goods checked and sent to quality control department checks)

Quality Control Department: (Quality Control Department checks pass sent packing unit packaging)

Packaging unit: (packaging unit finished packing sealing storage waiting for shipment)

**** **** ==== ==== Features Description
Company products: the use of ultra strong heat carbon tough polymerization pvc, stitched with world-class technology, fully streamlined design, rigorous testing in accordance with international standards and convenient, stable, non-toxic, slow and strong impact, products undergo strict pressure. wear resistance, low temperature, non-toxic testing a variety of products are export original single!
• gifts to share: entertainment and educational double effect is to give the children a good gift shop sales performance of a number of domestic outstanding sell products, low prices will not become a burden on sales, while the deflated inflatable products after folding storage simple and clean. Very easy, is the game of choice for the kids!

Product quality materials Introduction: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride, abbreviated PVC) is referred to as the PVC material is polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, the mixing, rolling, vacuum process from materials such as plastic, PVC resin is a polymer of ethylene chloride monomer (Vinyl Chloride Monomer, called VCM) made of a thermoplastic polymer .PVC the case of amorphous polymers, including crystallinity of 5% -10% of micro-crystals (melting point 175 degrees), PVC material with light weight, insulation, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, simple construction and so on. We can provide standard EN-71, ASTM standards and ATBC, 6P environmental standards The production of raw materials for customer choice (Material): Normal PVC or green PVC (non-phthalate)

Product Features: PVC inflatable products are sealed balloon-type structure, soft and comfortable to use for home and leisure, outdoor product promotion display and sale of products used as promotional gifts, opening ceremony, advertising, water sports and so on.

1). Lightweight, easy to carry and comfortable to use.

2) reusable, easy to clean.

3) convenient and safe vent design for easy inflation and deflation.

4) The product can save a lot of space after folding deflated.

Material, shape, size, printing, packaging, and other content can be specified according to customer requirements for production production product price with the customer demand for products and change.

Specifications (size): may be set according to customer requirements.

PVC material: can be selected (green or common pvc material) according to customer requirements.

Color (color): according to the international Pantone color card to set (or specified by the customer).

Print (pritting): screen printing or four-color printing outlets (according to customer requirements).

LOGO: according to customer's electronic version AI content, format, pattern.

Package (package): single PE or OPP bag with external box (according to customer requirements).

Delivery (delivery time): 30-40 days after the sample is determined (see the specific customer's choice of materials and order quantity).

Needs according to OEM customers, please report need customized products, materials, material thickness, color, need What kind of printing, logo content, size, packaging and quantity of product details, so that we can give you timely and accurate offer.
Contact: Wang Jie (Sales Manager)

Tel: 13122929961

Inflatable Product Note:

1, larger temperature difference between north and south in winter, do not receive the item immediately after the inflatable, put room temperature ten hours later, before inflated wait a little to soften the material, to prevent material hardening due to the low temperature caused by the accident in the external force damage .

2, where the temperature difference is small, inflatable products after purchase back immediately inflated, but the first 8 hours after fully charged gas (preferably 12 hours) before you can use, gas indoor drawstring and stitched at the need for a buffer process.

3, the first inflatable 24 hours, general inflatable products will some slack, this is a normal phenomenon, because the gas chamber material slightly flexible, be some drastic change soft After filling up gas, will feel relaxed, as long as the inflatable reach again the desired effect after the line, but not cheer too full.

4, any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak, which is a normal phenomenon, note that regular qi.

5, to ensure that the ground level, without excessive friction and sharp objects.

6, cleaning sticky soapy wash cloth can easily, do not use a hair dryer, washing machine, do not use chemicals, washing powder or any other abrasive powder.
1) The best inflatable product saturation of 80%, do not over-inflated.
2) Children must be under adult supervision.
3) Remember not charging high pressure gas.
4) Avoid sharp objects or chemicals.