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Baby collar

Baby collar
  • Baby collar
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Smooth circle neck ring, does not plan to baby skin, quality of workmanship is very good, unlike some other brands of the circle, do not, something not easy to use, the price to sell expensive, over a period of time and change brand confusion, all buyers had better keep their eyes open.

European standard 6P environmental materials, currently sold on Taobao love handles environmental claims there are many, but few say-what a standard, it is because the so-called environmental level actually have more than one interpretation, the general environment is the so-called European standard CE standard, this standard is mainly for heavy metal requirements, followed by the European standard 3P, in addition to the standard requirements for heavy metals which DBP (dibutyl phthalate) BBP (butyl benzyl phthalate) DEHP (phthalamide acid bis (2-ethylhexyl) ester, there is the European standard 6P, this in addition to heavy metals and DBP, BBP, DEHP, the increase of DINP (diisononyl phthalate) DNOP (dibutyl phthalate n-octyl phthalate) DIDP (diisodecyl phthalate), 6P is the European standard toys demanding, high safety standards, often use Europe orders, the latest information is now exported to Europe to enter the toy must comply 6P Because of the high cost of materials, factory from the practical considerations, the factory is not configured box and manual, the box did not Shiyao useful, so this circle is independent of a circle.

This circle of bare ring (single collar without other accessories)

I believe we read the following comparison table will be able to understand the fundamental difference between the circle where everyone shapes are similar, the key lies in the collar of raw materials, and raw material and can not be seen through the picture, not for raw materials and the production process is very understanding it is very difficult to distinguish, as I do in the workshop for five years, after three years of work in plant materials, processes and raw materials for the product are relatively clear, and this is WHY I unfolded the way through the comparison chart, so that we do an understanding, whether it is from this circle of raw materials or workmanship are very good, I believe that sellers do not understand the product, if it considers this product is very good, it will be priced much higher than this, because it is very much aware of the pricing would be more objective.