Chain Link Separation Fence

Chain Link Separation Fence

Product description:

1. Introduction& Characteristic

Chain link fence also named diamond wire mesh, is woven fromhigh quality steel wire, by a high precision wire netting machine.

Chain link fence with uniform mesh hole, flat surface, beautiful apprearance, great corrosion resistance, long service life. Does notdag or roll up at the bottom.

2. Applications

a. With the high quality and best price, chain link fence iswidely used in industries

b. Used in highway fencing, stadium fenceing, machineprotection, green belt fencing, zoo fencing, decoration and so on.

3. Types of Chain Link Fence

a.classified by the surface treatment

electrogalvanized chain link mesh

hot-dippedgalvanized chain link mesh

PVC coatedchain link mesh

PE coatedchain link mesh

stainlesschain link mesh

b.classified by the usage

decorativechain link mesh

proectivechain link mesh