Lvhe | portable three-piece stainless steel cutlery cutlery sets (chopsticks, spoons, forks) Set | Gift

Lvhe | portable three-piece stainless steel cutlery cutlery sets (chopsticks, spoons, forks) Set | Gift

Product description:

(Name): New Pen-style three-piece stainless steel cutlery

(Material): stainless steel (aluminum chopsticks interface)

(Shape): Pen type

(Size): After a long box stitching 22.5CM chopsticks 14.2CM
Fork length 13.3CM fork head size: 1CM (width) X4CM (long)
Spoon long spoon 13.4CM head size: 2.2CM (width) X4CM (long)

( Colour) : Silver, red, purple, gold, pink, black, dark gray

( product weight) : 100 g

Baby Description:
1. Chopsticks for the two-stage design, with screw connection. An elliptical round advanced aluminum oxide pen box packaging, easy to carry.
2. Material: Stainless steel (aluminum chopsticks interface)
Very chic combination portable tableware, whether it is with very convenient when traveling abroad or on a business trip!
Reduce the use of disposable chopsticks
Environmental portable chopsticks will become a new member of our backpack, fashion, health and private daily necessities, it accompanied us out to eat.
Especially suitable for: office workers, students, tourists, eating out ......
Usually eat out more and more friends have to prepare with! That health and beautiful. It will not occupy space. Stainless steel material is also very easy to clean! Appearance is also very creative! At first glance I thought it was a great pen too.! out of the pen to have a look! The original inside tableware ~! very ingenious.
Which product design for the new pad with chopsticks chopsticks with food-grade pure stainless steel with non-slip head, wear-resistant stainless steel spiral screw connection, portable pen-style aluminum box packaging, the overall design of high-grade refined, is your daily / travel / camping / promotional gifts the best choice!
Do not need it when it will obediently lay your bag ~! When need it. Extraction 'pen' to come up with chopsticks. Installation can be a good start, oh ~! Is cute mini fork with spoon
The crowd:
• Mom: This can put the bag at any time, whether to go to where the baby has its own clean and sanitary eating utensils;
• Travel: Small portable, whether by train, to the hotel, have their own clean and sanitary utensils;
• Student / Teacher: Small portable in a large canteen where no longer have to worry about unsanitary the dinnerware;
• office workers: out to eat fast food every day, disposable chopsticks are bleach, long body with a positive good, with it really easy soup spoon there, eating chopsticks, eating fruits fork.