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Stainless Steel | Chopsticks | Spoon | piece | Cookware | small gift | Korean Creative Set

Stainless Steel | Chopsticks | Spoon | piece | Cookware | small gift | Korean Creative Set
  • Stainless Steel | Chopsticks | Spoon | piece | Cookware | small gift | Korean Creative Set
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Product Name:
Stainless steel spoon + blocks
Quality stainless steel
Carton packaging

Tray 1+ 1+ chopsticks spoon 1 Specifications: 18.5cm chopsticks

Spoon: 18cm


Advanced products for hand-polished surface processing, high-grade, durable.

Customizable logo, price dwell


Now many families made of stainless steel utensils, cutlery Korean home with all metal stainless steel is an excellent choice for personal use and gifts. Because stainless steel cutlery not moldy, not folded, easy care, environmental protection and many other advantages In Korea, large and small restaurants, including the school's restaurant, always use metal chopsticks ..

This chopsticks quality, both modern family essential household items, also gifts. Stainless steel material to perform 18-10 international standards, high temperature, non-toxic, does not rust, black, clean, disinfect and good life long, can be placed in the sterilizer use, practical and full of romantic items!

This chopsticks is corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial, safe and healthy good cutlery. There are more families made of stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel cutlery since than wood, bamboo tableware compared not mildew, easy bending, easy care, environmental protection and many other advantages.

product manual:

Please use detergent to clean before use, cleaning, use a cotton scrub, cut with a wire brush or other hard objects, in order to keep the light cleansing.

Elegant, durable, health, washable, non-slip, high temperature disinfection, no heat, no distortion, no color.

Stainless steel chopsticks overcome the traditional breeding ground for germs and bacteria easy to defect, to ensure that the family good health, is the ideal family life essential goods, gift to share, but also tourism, the best souvenirs meeting, especially the South, weather moist, with stainless steel chopsticks not moldy ohhh

Chopsticks engraved twill lower end special treatment to solve the problem of slippery material

The crowd:
• Mom: This can put the bag at any time, whether to go to where the baby has its own clean and sanitary eating utensils;
• Tourism: Compact can carry on his 

• Student / Teacher: Small portable in a large canteen where no longer have to worry about unsanitary the dinnerware;
• office workers: out to eat fast food every day, disposable chopsticks are bleach, long time with certainly in poor health, had it really easy

(Gift-giving occasions)

Business gifts, trade fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, awards pictures, public relations planning, employee benefits, dating, wedding, housewarming, birthday, New Year, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Teacher's Day, Mother's Day, Tanabata Festival, Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, Halloween other.

(Gift purposes)

Advertising gifts, promotional gifts, business gifts, festive gifts, awards gifts, conference gifts, public relations gifts, points redemption gifts, personal gifts, other.