high quality vacuum casting product

high quality vacuum casting product

Product description:

Welcome toShenzhen Yongqi precision components CO., LTD.

Website: www.yqmechanic.com

Alibaba Website: http: //machiningparts.en.alibaba.com

We serve OEM machine builders and end users with a wide range of products.

Main field:

industrial automation, robotics, medical devices, auto parts, custom machine design and assembly.

precision CNC machining, swiss lathe/ cnc lathe, sheet metal stamping, laser cutting, aluminum extrusion, die casting, welding and assembly.

Drawing format:

pdf format

CAD (.dwg/ .dxf format)

3D (.igs/ stp format)


More Specifications:

Item No. : precision cnc machining part/ custom CNC mechanical parts supplier

Material available

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel 304/314/316 etc

Tool Steel

Aluminum 2024/5052/6061/7075

Brass/ Copper/ Bronze

POM/ Acrylic/ Plastic/ Nylon

Machining Service

CNC machining/ / milling

Lathe Machining

laser cutting

Stamping and bending

Welding and assembly

Wire Cutting

Fixtures and jigs

die casting

Finish Available


Zinc/ Nickel/ Chrome Plating

clear/ black/ blue anodizing, sandblast

black oxide

powder coating



Strict QC and reliable quality

on-time delivery

high/ low volume acceptable

MOQ one piece

rapid prototype

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CNC milling part

precision lathe part/ cnc turning part/ turned part

Precision die-casting part

sheet metal stamping/ laser cutting part

Custom gears and shaft

Brass parts/ copper parts

Nylon part/ plastic parts

Anodizing colour show