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Pine LVL pedals, scaffolding

Pine LVL pedals, scaffolding
  • Pine LVL pedals, scaffolding
  • Pine LVL pedals, scaffolding
  • Pine LVL pedals, scaffolding
  • Pine LVL pedals, scaffolding
Product code: 25469400001
Unit price: 2400-2450 CNY
Reference price: 348.9-356.17 USD
Minimum order: 20
Other info: Per piece Orange
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Board-level material, referred to as LVL, wood as a raw material is made of veneer peeling or chipping, drying, after coating, according to the grain or grain of the majority group blanks, and then hot glue made of sheet metal It has no structural features solid wood lumber: high strength, toughness, good stability, precise specifications than wood lumber increased 3-fold in strength, toughness This product can be used for building template components, construction beams, cars panels, furniture, flooring, room decor wooden keel and packaging materials, etc., wide range of applications.

Product name: construction level LVL, Pine LVL, pine LVL pedals, Pine LVL scaffolding fittings, pine LVL wood keel, pine LVL laminated timber, construction wood pine LVL keel, sports floor coverings with pine LVL wood keel, painted paint pine LVL wood keel, decorating with pine LVL wood keel, pine LVL beams, wood-beamed ceiling with pine LVL keel

Our annual export construction pine LVL pedals, after years of efforts, the company has begun to take shape pine pedals scaffolding, quality process maturity, annual exports to Oman, Dubai, Australia, Italy and other large markets, commonly used in Building LVL pine keel, decorating with pine LVL keel, painted pine LVL keel, pine LVL keel floor substrate, sports floor coverings with pine LVL wood keel, pine LVL beams more and more domestic customers. With excellent service and superior quality, our customers receive the favor and praise, friends are welcome to visit the factory and guidance.

Material: New Zealand radiata pine

Glue: MELAMINE, WBP phenolic glue, E0, E1

Size: Up to 8 meters, generous arbitrary, sawn sizes according to customer requirements, to ensure the utilization of 100%, with the general size of the market is now 38/42 * 225 * 3900/4000/5500/5900 / 6000mm

Features: waterproof plastic material itself on the basis of pine oil on the water for production, greatly improved the water resistance of the product.

WBP phenolic glue used for production of products more boiling water 72 hours not a plastic excellent characteristics. Good toughness, strength, the strength of the product is relative

3 times the same size solid wood products, more suitable for the use of load-bearing surface paste pine dough, making the product also has a beautiful appearance of solid wood.

Usage: scaffolding pedal, stair treads, stair handrail, stair components and other wood, beams, beams, wooden, engineering construction, decoration and so on

Capacity: 3,000 per month party

Payment: T / T (30% down payment, the remaining payment delivery), L / C

Delivery time: 7 days