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Packaging wooden poplar plywood LVL

Packaging wooden poplar plywood LVL
  • Packaging wooden poplar plywood LVL
  • Packaging wooden poplar plywood LVL
  • Packaging wooden poplar plywood LVL
  • Packaging wooden poplar plywood LVL
Product code: 25468600001
Unit price: 1900-1950 CNY
Reference price: 275.78-283.04 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece White
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Laminated veneer lumber, also known as LVL, plywood wooden, glued to a wooden Transit

Board-level material, referred to as LVL, wood as a raw material is made of veneer peeling or chipping, drying, after coating, according to the grain or grain of the majority group blanks, and then hot glue made of sheet metal It has no structural features solid wood lumber: high strength, toughness, good stability, precise specifications than wood lumber increased 3-fold in strength, toughness This product can be used in packaging (including mechanical and electrical and electronic products. auto, auto parts, glass, abrasives, lifting machinery, heavy machinery, boilers, crates production, pallet production, etc.) construction template component, construction beams, carriage board, furniture, flooring, room decor wood keel, wide range of applications .

Product Name: Poplar LVL laminated veneer lumber, packaging plywood wooden poplar LVL, packing poplar LVL MLB fumigation wooden, packaging fumigation wooden Transit to LVL plywood, LVL , LVB, laminated timber, packaging material, packaging level LVL, furniture grade LVL, packing material, timber, door core, LVL baseboard, LVL Door plates, studs LVL, LVL wood keel, bed slats LVL , JAS certified furniture grade LVL, furniture-grade timber LVL structure, LVL plywood, LVL wooden, LVL glued lumber, LVL wood, fumigation packaging material, doors with LVL, sofa frame with LVL, poplar LVL

Material: poplar, pine

Products major markets: products are mainly exported to Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries in recent years, as the domestic market for the product knowledge more widely, the domestic market has become a very big demand, but also a very good prospect. Big market.

Glue: E2, E1, EO, F4 stars, melamine, WBP phenolic glue

Size: Up to 6 m, the thickness 220MM, generous arbitrary, sawn according to customer requirements, to ensure 100% utilization.

Uses: Furniture level lvl, door core, between columns with lvl, poplar LVL bed slats, door LVL, cot with poplar LVL bed slats, fumigation crates, fumigation tray, other transport packaging purposes here. products are used in large-scale machinery and equipment package, the intensity ratio of solid wood, even strength, and there is fumigation, and low cost advantages, especially for all kinds of transport packaging materials.

Capacity: 3,000 per month party

Payment: T / T (30% down payment, the remaining payment delivery), L / C

Delivery time: 7 days

Product Certificate: CARB certificate, JAS certificate, CE certificate, ISO9001