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Plywood, plywood

Plywood, plywood
  • Plywood, plywood
  • Plywood, plywood
  • Plywood, plywood
  • Plywood, plywood
Product code: 25468000001
Unit price: 1700-1750 CNY
Reference price: 247.09-254.36 USD
Minimum order: 20
Other info: Per piece White Red Yellow
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Product Name: Transit to LVL plywood, large plywood, veneer plywood large size, Transit to plywood, double stick forward bleached poplar LVL panels, furniture to the board, drawer plate with double stick bleached poplar LVL Shun LVL Shun to the plate, drawer sides with double stick forward bleached poplar LVL boards, construction plywood, plywood, packaging boards, shaped packaging board, furniture board, JAS certified plywood, CARB certified plywood, plywood, poplar Plywood, full pine plywood, birch plywood, flooring base plywood, veneer plywood

Our annual production of poplar plywood, plywood, plywood, furniture boards, packaging boards, profiled boards and other products. Quality service and high quality products, has won domestic and foreign customers favor and praise.

Performance: board pretty reasonable price position, versatile, and environmental protection; waterproof, fireproof, pest control and other properties; good hardness, and constantly plate, do not open layer, anti-corrosion; no distortion; no damage, no corrosion, has a strong The nail holding power; formation of the board, and can be directly painted; glued strong, good rally.

Certification: CE, CARB, JAS, ISO9001

Brand: HX

Grade: BB / BB BB / CC CC / CC

Product attributes: glue: mr, wbp, melamine, E0, E1, E2

Level: BB / BB BB / CC CC / CC

Core: poplar, pine, birch, hardwood, mixed core

Material: poplar, pine, birch, hardwood

Thickness: 2.5mm-50mm thickness tolerance: ± 0.2mm length width tolerance: ± 0.5mm

Moisture content: 6% -12% formaldehyde emission standards: E0, E1, E2

Packaging: Standard export packing

Usage: furniture, decoration, flooring, construction, packaging, industrial and other fields.

Payment: L / CT / T prepay 30 percent remaining shipping.

Delivery time: 7 days

Minimum order quantity: 20 cubic meters