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Architectural templates
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  • Architectural templates
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Product code: 25466600001
Unit price: 1850-1870 CNY
Reference price: 268.96-271.87 USD
Minimum order: 20
Other info: Per piece Black Brown
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Product name: construction template, black film faced plywood, brown film faced plywood mold, water templates, film faced plywood, construction plywood, mixing core building templates, waterproof construction template, waterproof non-slip building templates, building covered plate

My company mainly produces construction template, annual exports, production templates include templates black film, brown mold template, glue including MR, MELAMINE, WBP; materials include: eucalyptus, poplar, eucalyptus hybrid poplar core; forming Views: a molding, molding twice.

Product Certification: ISO9001, CARB, CE

Bottom surface: Black film, Brown film

Specifications: 1220 * 2440mm, 915 * 1830mm, 1250 * 2500mm

Glue: MR, phenolic plastic, melamine

Core: Poplar, eucalyptus, eucalyptus hybrid poplar core

Repetition frequency of use: more than 8 times

Product Features:

1) high strength, toughness, good stability

2) the production process for the corresponding handling and using a special adhesive, with pest control, anti-corrosion, fire, water and other properties

3) The product has a very strong seismic performance and damping properties and are resistant to fatigue failure periodic stress generated.

4) This product is green, pollution-free, high-quality environmentally friendly use of adhesives in the production process.

5) My company's products, formaldehyde emission has reached the import standards of developed countries, the products are exported to the United States, Japan, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

6) Application: Construction

Payment: L / CT / T prepay 30 percent remaining shipping.

Delivery time: 7 days

Minimum order quantity: 20 cubic meters