Lathes | Parameters Features | Minter machine

Lathes | Parameters Features | Minter machine

Product description:

My company specializes in the production (supply) sales Lathes, the bulk of lathes, large horizontal lathe, flange lathe, large lathes, heavy-duty horizontal lathe, lathe, lathe chucks, end lathes, CNC machine tools, special machine tool products, company has a good reputation in the market, has a professional sales and technical services team, with Qingdao Minter machine tool products business for many years experience, familiar with this type of lathe products, and domestic and foreign customers have been recognized, in order to 'best quality, lowest price, best service 'of commitment, is willing to cooperate sincerely with you, and sincerely hope that the majority of users to understand and use our products.

Qingdao Minter Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produced a series of floor lathe, high technology content, rigidity, accuracy and stability, energy efficient widely used in mining, metallurgy, rubber, molds, auto parts, valves, fittings and other machinery manufacturing industry. Our company We have many years of experience producing horizontal lathe, over the years various exporting countries, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar and other state-owned long-term orders for many years. Over the years by domestic and foreign users.

The following is the product advantages of our company lathe; please refer to:

I produced a series of floor lathe has the following advantages: castings HT250 material, and after quenching, hardness HRC40-50 degrees to ensure product stability, abrasion resistance, bed rail, carriage dovetail precision ground, ensure accuracy. Lathes with this new rail friction coefficient is small, the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good shock absorption and lubrication conditions are relatively favorable. and travel around the longitudinal and transverse carriage stroke can also be adjusted, and high positioning accuracy is suitable for processing of various diameter parts for steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, plastic, stainless steel, precision molds and other parts of the cutting of different materials.

We regard product quality as the lives of enterprises, manufacturers throughout the country welcomed the businessmen to visit my company to discuss!

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